A Shoe Footprint Over 200 Million Years Old: Should We Rewrite History

In 1968, William J. Meister, trilobite draftsman and collector, found the footprint of a shoe on slate ground near Antelope Springs, Utah. The notch appeared when Meister opened the slate block. In the interior of the footprint fossils of trilobites, already extinct marine arthropods were observed.(A Shoe Footprint Over 200 Million Years Old)

A Shoe Footprint Over 200 Million Years Old

The slate with the footprint and trilobite fossils were between 590 and 505 million years old. Meister described his finding in an article published in the Creation Research Society Quarterly:(A Shoe Footprint Over 200 Million Years Old)

“The mark of the heel was embedded in the stone three millimeters more than the rest of the footprint. The tread seemed to belong to the right foot, because the footwear was more worn on the right side of the heel, as in any shoe on that foot. ” The same article also mentioned how on July 4, 1969, Dr. Clarence Coombs of Columbia Union College of Maryland and Maurice Carlisle, geologist, visited the site of the discovery.

(A Shoe Footprint Over 200 Million Years Old)

A Shoe Footprint Over 200 Million Years OldAfter the excavations, Carlisle found, on the same level of the footprint, a layer of mud that convinced him of the consistency of that fossil tread, since the mud showed that the executing foot had once been on the surface. However, the scientists rejected the discovery by arguing that it was a rarity, a mere caprice of erosion.


On October 8, 1922, the New York Sunday American newspaper published an interesting article titled “The Mystery of Petrified Shoe Sole Five Billion Years Old.”

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It was one of those reports that caught the attention of the reader instantly. The author, Dr. W. Ballou-Ballou, explained that a mining engineer and geologist named John T. Reid came upon the disconcerting footprint while searching for fossils in Nevada. The examination of the same revealed that it was a footprint corresponding to a shoe foot, to which even those of sewing thread and even the notches generated by the continuous friction of the heel could be guessed.(A Shoe Footprint Over 200 Million Years Old)

A Shoe Footprint Over 200 Million Years OldReid moved his unusual fossil to New York, where he attempted to interest scientists at the American Museum of Natural History, although the response he received was blunt: “The print is the best imitation of an artificial object we have ever seen.”

In spite of everything, they confirmed that the sediment where the footprint appeared was formed in the Triassic era. The verdict of the scientific class did not satisfy Reid, who commissioned new analyzes and photographs from a chemist at the Rockefeller Institute. The new contributions left little room for doubt: the sole was human work.

But who made shoes 200 million years ago? What do you think? Leave us your comment!

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