20 best horror films of the 21st century

From the zombie apocalypse in the retro film attackers with a knife, the best horror movie from the beginning of the millennium chosen by IE.

At the turn of the late ’60s and early’ 70s, Vietnam and civil unrest helped to launch a new golden age of American horror film; in the early years after the beginning of the century in which we live, new mass atrocities and other new wars have fueled a new wave of films that, through frightful monsters and maniacs out of their minds, they speak of the new social anxieties. Yes, it has always been an enduring genre regardless of what happens in the cultural landscape, but considering what is the worldwide success over the last 16 years, it makes sense that horror movies are a sounding board of people’s fears. All this, together with paranoid that you breathe in the air, has helped to create, both in the US and abroad, a series of films that deserve a place in the pantheon.

So, we put together our ranking of the 20 best horror films of the XXI century – tales of apocalypse zombies, ghosts who take your brain, films from retro taste with armed attackers knife, beads neo-yellow, J-horror, K-horror, French films and Hollywood films extremes that have frightened, traumatized and done shit on him from the beginning of 2000. it has long discussed what movie should enter the charts – ” Mulholland Drive is definitely one of the films beautiful in this world, but we are certain that it is a horror? “- but we’re sure this list you will find films that will make you say,” it’s only a movie … it’s only a movie … it’s only a movie …. ”

20. “The Host”

You know the drill: the inattentive scientists downloading a torrent of unstable chemicals and suddenly a giant mutant starts to destroy the nearest metropolis, devouring the helpless and terrified inhabitants. The chameleon South Korean director Bong Joon-ho leverages its unpredictable black humor – in which the killings take the place of the jokes – and his keen ability to social satire, fabricating a film about a giant monster as a symbol of ecologically unstable period we live. Not to mention the fact that the film gives to the characters terrorized by monster covered with algae concrete identity, usually overlooked by films of this sub-genre. The film is a kind of B-movie style Godzilla but more fun and bright.(Horror)

19. “Crimson Peak”

Guillermo Del Toro had balked that the story of a nineteenth-century woman who married becomes part of an aristocratic family but damn it was more a “gothic novel” than a traditional horror film. It is; However, when ghosts skinless begin to wander and roam the floors and the lobby of their dilapidated house, threatening the new pale wife (Mia Wasikowska), the distinction intended by del Toro seems rather questionable. The refinement and use of color in this film reminiscent of the old school films of Mario Bava and Hammer, while an experienced cast – including Tom Hiddleston and Jessica Chastain – is able to interpret the grotesque plot in a way that would rush Edgar Allan Poe.(Horror)

18. “The Others”

Centers on a widowed mother masterfully played by Nicole Kidman the mysterious and supernatural film directed by Alejandro Amenábar, which updates the classic film of the haunted house – think presences or The Turn of the Screw – with a plot style The Sixth Sense . Here the fear is veiled but effective immediately, due to the dreamlike atmosphere and grotesque tone of the film. Amenábar uses his refined style based on clues and metaphors to warn us that not everything is as it seems, never reveal the surprise ending.(Horror)

17. “Berberian Sound Studio”

A horror film focused on doing horror movies, this British film, visionary and by yellowish tones with star Toby Jones in the role of an experienced sound effects which slowly goes mad while working on a scary Italian film with a menacing crew . The director and author Peter Strickland holds the higher dose of terror confined in the mind of the protagonist, portraying him as sinks in his paranoid imagination during the days spent identify with the sound of stabbings and victims’ cries. The film is a clever exercise in audience manipulation, making it restless showing the falsity which serves to produce a good scare – and to complete the work.(Horror)

16. “Haute Tension”

The most brutal and scary movie set in a house from the time of The Last House on the Left , this French horror film-style “no prisoners” was one of the few to be projected in theaters despite being blacklisted NC-17 because of the violence present in the film. But apart from the staging of the arteries gushing blood, decapitation and demolition, this film lives up to the title that door, making such a high level of suspense that it is impossible to remove from the screen. Otherwise how else could we find out if the sweet protagonist Marie succeed or not to defend himself with a strip covered with barbed wire? Particular mention also to the circular saw.(Horror)

15. “The Orphanage”

This 2007 film by JA Bayona asks a question, what could be more terrifying of the death of a child? His answer could not be more disturbing: the possibility to be involved are the ghost children. This is a rare case where a horror movie becomes poignant as well as terrifying, this supernatural thriller set in a Gothic ruin in Spain’s Costa Verde, totally unable to make the title that bears; but the outstanding performance of Belén Rueda, in the part of the grieving mother whose son has disappeared, that can really give the film the emotional blow.(Horror)

14. “A Tale of Two Sisters”

The Japanese horror was all the rage in the late nineties and early 2000; the look of the South Korean director Kim Jee-woon on ghost stories showed that the “K-Horror” could compete with the eastern neighbors when it comes to supernatural oddities. A pair of sisters bears barely stepmother, while the haunted house where they live continues to show signs on their common past. Angles syncopated disorient the viewer, which makes it even more shocking moments when the apparitions pop out of the shadows. During its development the film reveals the secrets that hides while a dysfunctional family is transformed in his own monster.(Horror)

13. “It Follows”

Sexually transmitted diseases and unexpected pregnancies, social unrest at student parties and unexpected consequences of a quickie, are all a stroll than a relentless ghost chasing frivolous teenagers and is transmitted from victim to victim … the idea you’re done . The lo-fi revival of David Roberts of the classic figure of the attacker chasing horny teenager is full of stylistic leaps films (panoramic 360 degree are a crash), a perfect homage to John Carpenter and the real feeling of being really in a waking nightmare. Losing virginity has never had a higher cost.(Horror)

12. “The House Of The Devil”

The warning by the slow development of Ti West shouting “Beware the Satanists!” And it looks like an artifact of the early 80s, found in the dust of a video store abandoned. An innocent college student finds a job at an old Victorian house, hired by a pair of mysterious characters – played by the cult film veterans from schizoid, Tom Noonan and Mary Woronov. Before the third act, in which literally all hell breaks loose, The House of the Devil plays on spooky atmosphere and a retro style, until you get to the scene involving a battered Walkman, a song by the Fixx, and our sick fear that everything is going to happen will go the wrong way.(Horror)

11. “La Spina Devil”

A fascinating and melancholy ghost story set in a haunted orphanage during the last days of the Spanish Civil War: the third Guillermo del Toro is one in which all the pieces fall into place, and watch the director find his true calling it remains a thrill. It’s his simplest film, but still one of his most frightening, especially because his old school vision is so natural as to seem part of the real world.(Horror)

10. “Under The Skin”

It took nearly a decade to director Jonathan Glazer to readjust novel about an alien invasion written by Michael Faber; un’extraterrestre which manifests itself in the female human form (in particular, in that of Scarlett Johansson) and seduces hitchhikers males to trap them, dissolve and eat them. Then the creature makes a curious discovery about their sexual identity while he is in a kind of blue marble sphere; in the end we are all crying together with the monster. In the hands of a lesser director, Under The Skin she would never become the masterpiece it is. However, this is not a movie that you watch lightly. But it’s like taking a hot bath in a pure nightmare fuel.(Horror)

9. “The Descent – Descent into darkness”

Years before redefining the TV with his work on Game of Thrones , the British director Neil Marshall earned his place in the pantheon of horror with this ruthless and terrifying story of survival. A year after a car accident destroyed their affections, a group of women going for spelunking in a cave remote Appalachian will discover that a lot more than what they expected. The claustrophobic setting of the film is intense and special effects of the really intense creature, but the greatness of the film lies in the stripped of its main characters, the still fresh pain as an emotional trigger for the looming catastrophe.(Horror)

8. “Dawn of the Dead Dementi”

Fans consider him a clever mockery of zombie movies, but do not tell the director Edgar Wright: “Our fun characters find themselves in a situation rather bleak and frightening – he said – I hope to be considered more as an accompaniment to the trilogy Romero rather than a parody. ” Mission Accomplished: Shaun mixture brilliantly horror and comedy in a way that makes the fright exponentially more effective. This story of a kind of habit (played by co-writer of the film, Simon Pegg) and his boorish best friend (Nick Frost) who discover that the undead are terrorizing the neighborhood has a shock in addition, because the laughs are always lower compared to the vision of their friends and loved ones brutally devoured before their eyes. And few scenes are so bulging as one in which a character is going to apologize for being a jerk, when the ravenous hordes break through the wall and then let it to shreds.(Horror)

7. “The Witch”

A masterpiece of ‘ horror atmospheric , the historical film brilliantly directed to perfection by Robert Eggers focuses on a family of farmers in New England in the seventeenth century and their descent into despair and madness after their baby is kidnapped by a local witch. Although the film contains some truly frightening sequences, much of its overwhelming sense of terror comes from what you see on the screen, along with the inevitable tension when the family opposed their vision Puritan radical the ruthless power of Mother Nature. And Black Phillip, the goat family, will make you stop petting zoo for the rest of your life.(Horror)

6. “Pulse”

An insidious miasma, capable of inducing suicide, invades the world of the living from the Internet in this quiet and apocalyptic story of Kiyoshi Kurosawa ghosts. Of all the wave of the J-horror of the early years of this decade, Pulse is by far the most gruesome and prophetic – an accusation disheartening to technology and the negative effect that continues to have on humanity. What’s even more impressive is that the director does not resort to cheap scares, but opts for a terror that creeps up slowly as if to suggest a society already rotting in the soul, a mouse click at a time. It is sad, beautiful and disturbing – one of the rare horror film to leave a dark stain in the soul.(Horror)

5. “That House In The Woods”

The meta-horror film as subversive by the time Scream , the film with which Drew Goddard updates the most abused clichés of horror – horny college boys who retire to a cottage for sex and drugs – becomes something so much that the original Hollywood has not yet found a way to imitate and / or ruin it like they did, for example, with The Blair Witch Project . It has so many twists that it is the best way to enjoy it is watching it without knowing anything about what will happen. But his real feat is to be one of those rare films that manages to be scary and fun without becoming poor or trivial. Not to mention the subplot of new.(Horror)

4. “The Evocation – The Conjuring”

Many filmmakers have sworn allegiance to old-school horror films like The Exorcist ; James Wan is one of the few to be able to do something worthwhile drawing from these influences. This ghost story par excellenceis based on the same event taken from a true story on which it is centered The Amityville Horror : in the early 70s paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) visit a Rhode Island family convinced he haunted house. The Conjuring is not a mere historical review done to perfection – it is a devilishly effective return to the stie horror 70 years, when it was still spreading cheap blood with a regular rhythm and a glacial tone. A majestic and sophisticated terror permeates every frame, with Wan playing cruelly with his audience making him squirm at every creaking platform and with a strange journey in a basement angosciantissimo.(Horror)

3. “The Babadook”

The debut of Jennifer Kent was not only one of the most compelling in recent years, but also one of the most conceptually sound: not only knows how to scare people, but also why . The story of a widowed mother (Essie Davis) whose son is threatened by a bony demon, literally straight out of a children’s book, begins as a neurotic parable of pain; however, it becomes really scary when the subject of the film moves to the speed with which a parent’s love can turn into hate. It’s a monster movie where everyone has their turn to become the monster.(Horror)

2. “Let The Right One”

Beautiful, dark and deeply moving, the amazing Tomas Alfredson’s 2008 film gives the vampire genre tuning he needed, with his mournful depiction of one of the most unusual relationships in the history of horror – a twelve year old alienated for case becomes friends with the vampire next door. Filled with as much anguish as the Swedish render proud of Ingmar Bergman and the right dose of genuine fright to wake the horror fans now numb, Let The Right One develops slowly and deliberate manner, making it his most gruesome scenes, such as the massacre in the pool, even more shocking. Even more frightening, perhaps, is the affirmation of the film to which the male adolescents can be much more monstrous real monsters.(Horror)

1. “28 Days Later …”

As with many great horror films, the zombie thriller Danny Boyle is taken from one of the terrors of the real world. “Danny was particularly interested in issues that had to do with the social rage – increase the hatred in our society, the road rage and other things like that,” says screenwriter Alex Garland. From this was born 28 Days Later … , where a handful of survivors (including Cillian Murphy and Naomie Harris) tries to overwhelm angry horde of undead, which are not limited to feast on the living but they seem full of anger unquenchable much to fiercely chasing our heroes taken from the mad logic of the nightmare. Shot in MiniDV to emphasize the squalor and ugliness of a post-apocalyptic world, the film is a triumph of footage taken with handheld cameras and rough editing. But the wave of shock to the September 11 tragedy, this prescient horror film also spoke of unconscious anxieties of a world where tensions brooded long and paranoia about to explode felt like a terrible and new normal.(Horror)

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