Alien Encounter California

The Alien Encounter In California – Tall Alien Creature, Flickering Lights, And Super-Fast UFO

This story is stored in the archives of the MUFON network (the largest UFO organization in the United States) and took place in 2000 in the state of California. That year, an unnamed eyewitness moved with his wife and two young children to the small community of Whittier, buying “the house of his dreams” and counting on a comfortable and pleasant existence.

The Alien Encounter In California - Tall Alien Creature, Flickering Lights, And Super-Fast UFO

The Strange UFO And Alien Encounter In 2000 In California

One day in October, three months after the move, the eyewitness returned home from work late in the evening. His wife and children were already asleep, so he quietly walked into the living room, turned on the TV, and started watching a program to relax.

The flickering light of the TV plunged him into an almost drowsy state, but he was soon awakened by a rustle coming from the kitchen. He says it sounded like the rustling of a bag of chips and that it scared him a lot.

“The noise took me by surprise because I was the only awake person in the house. From my chair, I could see the corridor to the bedrooms and would see if someone got out of bed and went to the kitchen. In addition, children at this age do not wake up after falling asleep, and if they woke up, I would hear them get up from their beds, and they would certainly call for me or my wife. 

Nothing obscured my view of said corridor, and from my sitting position in the living room, I could see that it was exactly 11 o’clock (pm). My heart skipped a beat when I realized that none of my family members were actually in the kitchen. 

I was even more alarmed when another rustle lasted quite a long time, five or six seconds. I was completely sure that someone was in our kitchen. The noise was clear, slow, and deliberate, and there was no doubt that it was coming from inside our house and in particular our kitchen. 

I was in a stupor. I yelled “Who’s there?” but there was no answer, but the rustling stopped immediately, I guess in reaction to my voice. I was sure that someone was in our house when all my senses went crazy. The hairs on the back of my neck and arms stood on end, and I felt a burning sensation running down my back.”

Thinking there was an intruder in the house, maybe a burglar, the man thought about trying to find some kind of weapon. But when he got up from the couch, the TV and both lights in the kitchen and laundry room went off abruptly. 

His first thought was that the burglar had cut off the electricity, and now the man began to seriously panic, confident that his family was in imminent danger. He decided to make his way carefully into the kitchen and removed the belt from his trousers so that he could use the buckle as a weapon. In the kitchen, he planned to grab a knife at the first opportunity. 

He cautiously approached the entrance to the kitchen, but when he looked inside, there was no one there, and whoever was there, there was no way he could hide or pass by him unnoticed. Finding this strange, the man checked the adjacent laundry room, but there was no one there either. 

Realizing that he would have to search the entire house, room by room, he grabbed a knife and sneaked into his children’s rooms. But there were no strangers there either, and the children were sound asleep in their beds. Everything seemed to be in order, but everything became very strange when he went to the bedroom where his wife was sleeping.

“My wife, who had been asleep during the entire incident up to this point, was strangely sitting on her side of the bed. I didn’t notice if she was sitting when I entered the bath a few seconds before. However, now she was sitting upright, and it made me instantly freeze in place.

I was now standing in my bedroom, barely stepping out of the bathroom, about 9 feet from the foot of the bed. Then the wife whispered in an excited tone, “Why were you standing over me?” Staying still, I replied, “I just entered the room, I wasn’t standing over you.” 

She answered in a whisper and became even more upset: “Someone stood at the foot of our bed and looked down at me, it woke me up, I know what I saw!”. My heart beat faster again as I put the index finger of my right hand to my lips, urging her to shut up and calm down. 

I looked around our bedroom while my wife sat up in bed with the covers pulled up to her nose. Everything in the master bedroom was now checked. The only place where an intruder could now be was the last room of the house, my office! I shushed my wife again, not having time to tell her everything that had happened, and went to inspect the office.

But he did not find anyone in the office either. Then he returned to the bedroom and asked his wife to get up and go with him into the living room. At this point, the lights were still out there, and the switches didn’t respond to the flicks of the toggle switch, so it was completely dark. 

Once in the living room, he told his wife what had happened and asked her to give more details about the figure she had seen. But the woman could only say that it was a “tall, dark figure” and that she thought it was her husband. 

The Alien Encounter In California - Tall Alien Creature, Flickering Lights, And Super-Fast UFO

He insisted that it wasn’t him, and then went to light the candles to somehow light up the room. What was odd was that the street lights were working and the neighbors’ lights were also on, so the power to their house was definitely out, but why and by whom?

“I opened the front door and went out onto the porch. I had an incomprehensible heavy feeling in my chest and felt uncomfortable. It seemed strange to me since I had already completely calmed down after these events. 

As soon as I walked out of our door, I felt uneasy and annoyed. I noticed that the electricity was cut off in all the houses on our side of the street, so to speak, on the north side. On our side of the street, the lanterns above the porch were also not on, and this was not the norm either. 

I returned to the house and told my wife that I was going to take a walk down the street to see if there was electricity in the houses to the north of us. She became furious. She told me in no uncertain terms that she did not want me to leave her and the children alone in the house, especially after the events I had told her about a few minutes earlier. 

She grabbed my right hand and begged me to stay with her in the house. But I couldn’t, I was as if forced to go outside and look around. I felt that something was pulling me to further investigate the events of the night. And what happened next was incredible.”

According to him, he walked down the street to the corner and at that moment he again felt a strange and heavy feeling in his chest and panic, from which the hairs on the back of his head stood on end, as if something very dangerous was about to happen, although it was quiet on the street and it was quiet and there was no one to be seen. 

For some reason, he was genuinely scared, though he had no idea why. He looked outside and again saw no one, the place was perfectly quiet, and not wanting to leave his wife alone for too long, he headed back to his house. 

The Alien Encounter In California - Tall Alien Creature, Flickering Lights, And Super-Fast UFO

And no sooner had he done so than the whole street was suddenly lit up with a bright white light, almost dazzling in its intensity. He could see that the light source was above the trees and was slowly moving south from the mountainside, but he could not tell exactly how high the light source was or what object or vessel was emitting the light because the light was too bright.

“The light was slowly moving south at a speed of about 5-7 miles per hour at best. The light was now directly over the middle of the street and the beams of light continued to fall through the branches of the trees onto the street. I remember looking down the street again to admire the brightness of said light. 

I took a few steps forward, keeping the light source in my field of vision at all times. I found that I was no longer protected by trees. Now I was in an open space in the middle of my street, almost directly in front of my house. The residence right across the road does not have a fence in the yard and this allows you to freely admire the south-facing sky. 

The light source was now more or less above the house directly across the street from my house. There was no sound from the slowly moving light source. None of the grinding of blades you would hear from a helicopter. There was no jet or engine noise. There were also no green or red aviation lights. 

The light source was too low above the ground to be any aircraft I have ever seen. Suddenly the light accelerated forward and parallel at a speed that I can only describe as 10-15 times faster than a meteor hurtling down and across the sky, heading into our atmosphere. 

The light source crossed the vast air space in less than one second. If I were to estimate the distance traveled, I would say about 30-40 miles in the previously described one second of time. During its parallel acceleration, the light source did not make a sound, it remained absolutely silent in its forward movement, and the light almost instantly decreased in size. 

The light source was about the size of a grape from where I continued to watch it. The light source then assumed a vertical trajectory comparable to a child sliding “up” rather than down a slide. 

The light source during this upward trajectory increased in speed and moved even faster than during its initial parallel acceleration. The size of the light source at its last visible observation, as it turned upward, was now the size of a small pea. Suddenly it disappeared, just disappeared from sight and, I believe, from our atmosphere.

At this point, the eyewitness was completely shocked by what he saw and quickly returned home to tell his wife about what he had just seen. When he explained what had happened, they were both startled when the lights in their house suddenly turned on by themselves and the TV started playing, filling the quiet room with noise. 

The eyewitness believes that he saw a UFO and that one or more aliens surreptitiously roamed his house for unknown reasons. If this is true, then who or what were they and what did they want? Why did they choose his house out of all the houses on the street and what were they looking for? 

We will probably never know, and this remains a rather curious case that illustrates that sometimes we are not immune from the UFO phenomenon even within the seeming safety of our own homes.

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