Anita Moorjarin: “I have come back from the Other Dimension with this Message for Humanity

One month of April of the year 2002, the doctors gave Anita Moorjarin, a successful business executive of Indian origin who worked in Hong Kong, a medical diagnosis that erased her successful work and personal present. He suffered from ‘Hodgkin’s lymphoma’, an aggressive type of cancer that attacks the lymphatic system of the body.

Four years later, despite medical treatments, Anita’s cancer, instead of remitting, had advanced implacably. The woman had to move in a wheelchair and needed a tank of oxygen to breathe and each new day her health worsened. So much so, that in February 2006 the woman went into a coma. The doctors, after examining her, told her relatives that, with luck, she had about 36 hours to live.

In those fateful hours Anita Moorjarin began to experience what is known as NDE or near-death experience, that is, she saw herself lying almost lifeless in the hospital bed, surrounded by doctors, her husband Danny and his bereaved mother.

“I was on a threshold between consciousness and unconsciousness, but suddenly I felt that my spirit was no longer in my body. I felt really good, but I could see how the doctor said to Danny: “his wife’s heart can keep beating, but she is not really there. It’s too late to save her. His organs are no longer functioning and that is why he has fallen into a coma. She will not manage to spend the night. Anything we administer to him in this state can be too toxic and fatal to his body, his organs are not even working. “(Anita Moorjarin)

Anita adds that “my mother and my husband seemed so scared that I told them:” do not cry for me, I’m fine “: I thought I was saying those words aloud, but nothing was heard. I had no voice. I wanted to hug my mother and my husband, comfort them and tell them that I was fine, that I did not feel any pain, but I did not understand why my physical body lay there, lifeless and without energy. I was still conscious and lucid of every detail that was unfolding before me, as I watched the medical team transport my almost lifeless body to the intensive care unit, connecting me to the machines and inserting needles and tubes. At that moment I felt no attachment to my almost inert body as I lay in the hospital bed. I did not feel it was mine. He looked too small and insignificant to contain what he was experiencing. I felt free, liberated and magnificent. Every pain, discomfort, sadness and suffering had disappeared. I was totally free of charges and could not remember ever feeling like this before.

Then I had a simultaneous feeling, of crossing into another dimension and being encompassed or contained by something that I can only describe as pure unconditional love; but even the word love does not do it justice. It was the deepest way to give love that I had never experienced before. It went way beyond any form of physical affection we could imagine and it was unconditional: It was mine, no matter what I would have ever done. I did not have to do anything or behave in a certain way to deserve it. This love was for me, without anything that mattered. I felt completely bathed and renewed in this energy that made me feel as if I belonged there, as if I had finally arrived after years of struggle, pain, anxiety and fear. “(Anita Moorjarin)

At that moment of her NDE, Anita Marjoorin related that she felt connected to everything, as if she were everything and everything was her. “It’s something very difficult to explain simply because the right words do not exist. Many beings who had already died, including my father and my best friend, who had died of cancer in the same year that I was diagnosed with the disease, surrounded me. I did not recognize the other beings, I only knew that they loved me very much and that they protected me. I also experienced an extreme clarity of the meaning of life, the grand scheme of things and why I had cancer. I also understood the gift that is life, and the amazing possibilities that we, as human beings, are capable of performing during our physical life “.(Anita Moorjarin)

“I discovered that we ourselves, with our love, attitude and energy, installed heaven or hell on earth. So my new purpose now would be to live heaven on earth using this new understanding, and also to share this knowledge with people. They made me understand that it was not my time, that if I chose to stay here, I would not experience many of the gifts that the rest of my physical life still kept for me. I also understood that if I chose to return, my body would heal very quickly, because I understood that diseases begin at an energetic level before they become physical, “he said.

He added that “if I chose to come back to life, the cancer would disappear and my physical body would recover very quickly. I understood that when people have medical treatments for diseases, it only cures the disease of their body but not their energy, so the disease returns. I understood that if I returned to life, I would return with a new energy, more sublime, healthy and pure. They showed me that everything that happens in our lives depended on this great energy that is around us and created by us. Thanks to this great unconditional love that I felt and that surrounded me, I soon felt very powerful, and visualized a future where I would go back to life and overcome cancer in a matter of days and that, contrary to what the doctors, I would have a very long life. “(Anita Moorjarin)

While the specialists who looked after Anita and their family members were waiting for the inevitable outcome, suddenly the unusual happened. Anita woke up from the coma, gradually regained consciousness and began to show encouraging signs of recovery. The doctors, in dismay, immediately ordered a series of biopsies of the lymph node and the patient’s marrow to verify the progress of the cancer cells and order an immediate chemotherapy, but they could not find a trace of the disease. Anita Maarjorin, as demonstrated by the exams, no longer had cancer.(Anita Moorjarin)

“The first time I walked to a group of people after leaving the hospital, everyone was amazed. They looked at me as if they had seen a ghost. They could not believe how I had recovered so quickly, because each one of them thought I was going to die. Then I shared my experience and some of them told me later that I had changed their lives. ”

The unusual case of Anita Marjoorin, which still can not be explained by medical science, inspired a book written by herself called “Dying to be me” (“I died to be me”), which caused a great impact in scientific circles and that has been translated into several languages.

“I had read cases about the Close Encounters of Death, but I never expected to experience one. My NDE seemed totally different to anything I had read, because there was no bright light, tunnel, no religious figure, and I did not see my whole life running before my eyes. I was never very religious and I still do not believe in any particular religion, but the experience I went through strengthened my belief in spirituality and my faith in a life after this life and, above all, in the power of our own superior being or soul”.(Anita Moorjarin)

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