Astronomer captures three disk-shaped UFOs flying in formation in front of the Moon(UFO on moon)

UFO on moon

Several strange phenomena have made some believe that the only natural satellite on Earth is in fact a kind of large spacecraft. It is true that it may seem crazy, however, the large number of videos that show UFOs on the Moon, makes us wonder what could hide in that mysterious celestial body.(UFO on moon)

There are many who believe that the Moon was created by a highly developed civilization, much more than ours. Under this unusual logic, our natural satellite should be hollow inside to house extraterrestrial bases in the interior, a sort of interstellar garage. And if we add to the foregoing the fact that there are some astronauts now retired, those who participated in NASA missions, who have said publicly that they have had contact with UFOs and aliens, then we find that maybe the defenders of the theory of the extraterrestrial origin of the Moon are right.

And if you still have doubts, you only have to see the video that shows three strange disc-shaped objects flying in formation in front of the Moon.(UFO on moon)

Three UFOs passing close to the Moon

An amateur astronomer recorded three UFOs that seem to fly in formation in front of the Moon. The video shows a half moon with its craters clearly visible during a night without clouds. The camera seems to wobble slightly when the three strange disc-shaped objects pass quickly. The video was published by the YouTube channel “Do not Stop Motion” , and speculates with the possibility that the mysterious objects are only three balloons, while others believe that they could be meteors or satellites.(UFO on moon)

“So, I was filming the crescent on Sunday, and I recorded something strange happening in front of her,” reads the video description. “At minute 1:18, 3 objects cross the Moon. I think it’s some helium balloons that someone must have launched, but I can not confirm it. “

Apart from the theory of helium balloons, there are also those who believe that the video shows extraterrestrial spacecraft. They are based on the enormous size of the UFOs and the contrast with the bottom of the rocky surface of the Moon. The believers of the extraterrestrial theory affirm that without any doubt it is a test more of a secret base in the arid satellite.(UFO on moon)

However, skeptics argue that the three moving masses are simply shadows projected by a sheer formation on the surface. For his part, Nigel Watson, author of the Haynes Handbook for UFO investigations, told MailOnline that the strange objects were just birds. 

“At first glance, it seems there are three UFOs, or at least their shadows, that pass over the Moon, ” Watson said. “Instead of satellites, asteroids or space junk, I think these are images of birds that fly between the camera and the Moon. The gift is that they are flying in formation and there is a slight wobble in their appearance, which is probably because their wings are shaking. “

Watson explained that when the camera focuses on the Moon, the intermediate objects are out of focus, which means that things like birds or insects appear as spots or fuzzy discs reminiscent of the classic flying saucers.

“At the moment it is not necessary to remove the tin hats!”, Continued the controversial ufologist. “This is not the only strange lunar object that causes rumors about possible UFOs.”

UFOs in front of moon - Astronomer captures three disk-shaped UFOs flying in formation in front of the Moon

It should also be noted that the conspiracy community points out that Nigel Watson is a “misinformer” , who constantly discredits any extraterrestrial evidence in photos and videos. And is that conspirators say that technology has become a problem for certain government agencies, especially with the extraterrestrial issue.(UFO on moon)

Currently, anyone can record with their Smartphone the strange events that happen around them, as they would be UFOs. So it is vitally important that there is “disinformation” on the Internet , like Nigel Watson, to sow skepticism among the conspiracy community. But as always, you judge.

What do you think of the mysterious objects that pass in front of the Moon? Are they extraterrestrial UFOs? Helium balloons, meteors, satellites? Or do you have another explanation?

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