Did a Battle between Humans and Extraterrestrials occur in 1978? This testimony would prove it !

According to statements by Thomas Castello, a former employee of Area 51, located in the Nevada desert, humanity was about to witness a war with extraterrestrial beings, but fortunately this armed conflict did not extend beyond the area where Humans performed experiments in conjunction with aliens.(Battle between Humans and Extraterrestrials)

(Battle between Humans and Extraterrestrials)

Thomas claims to have been a photography professional and to have worked for the US Army after signing a license and a confidentiality clause due to the handling of extremely sensitive and prohibited information.

According to the former CIA employee, there was an intricate underground base system where people were led on the grounds that they would be “cured” of an illness, among people they said there were children, men and women.(Battle between Humans and Extraterrestrials)

He had totally denied the possibility of communicating with these people. As some recently declassified CIA documents put it, Thomas was able to see with his own eyes how rehearsals related to various occult practices such as astral journeys or even mind control were the transformation of matter.

(Battle between Humans and Extraterrestrials)The most dramatic part of his statements is that he claims to have witnessed scientists who were not humans but beings of extraterrestrial origin. They apparently were running experiments linked to the hybridization and cloning of humans and aliens.(Battle between Humans and Extraterrestrials)

Something really creepy, is that it also states that I can identify one of the kidnapped or abducted, when I can hear him babble because of some kind of sedative that they supplied. He said he became aware of what was happening when he could discover that this person had been declared lost in his hometown, indicating that there was no rational explanation for his disappearance.(Battle between Humans and Extraterrestrials)

It was then that the war with the aliens developed within the facilities, being called “The sweet battle”, this war would have been provoked by an escalation of tension produced by the attempt of an internal sabotage to the genetic investigations on the part of the humans.

All this because the aliens were determined to continue using humans to expand their research. Today nobody knows the whereabouts of Thomas Castello, there is only the knowledge that managed to escape is this secret base realizing a complex escape plan.(Battle between Humans and Extraterrestrials)

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