Oceanographers: Under the Bermuda Triangle There are Pyramids and Unknown Technologies

Is this the news that everyone has been waiting for when it comes to the Bermuda Triangle ? According to oceanographers, the technology that lies beneath the ocean in the Bermuda Triangle is not at all ordinary and it is very likely that it did not originate on Earth.



Also known as the “Devil’s Triangle,” the Bermuda Triangle consists of a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean and is defined by points in Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico. It extends through less than a thousand miles on either side.

The triangle does not exist according to the US Navy. and the name is not recognized by the US Board. about Geographical Names. This mysterious body of water is full of incredible stories and rumors that label it as something supernatural or otherworldly. Is it possible that this imaginary triangle is evidence of extraterrestrial activity on our planet?

One thing is for sure, during the last century, the Bermuda Triangle has been “swallowing” missing vessels and planes and is blamed for the loss of hundreds of lives. Two gigantic hypnotizing pyramids made from some type of thick glass were discovered in the center of the Bermuda Triangle. The technology that lies beneath the vast ocean is a mystery to modern science.


The anomalous structures located at a depth of 2,000 meters have been identified by Dr. Meyer, a German oceanographer and his team using sonar equipment. According to reports, the Army has stopped all further investigation. Dr. Meyer firmly believes that the discovery of the secret and strange pyramidal structures in the center of the triangle could shed light on the mysterious disappearances of ships and planes associated with the Bermuda Triangle. 



According to reports from several websites, the number of mysteries surrounding the pyramids is something that no one has been able to answer. The pyramids located at a depth of about 2 kilometers are said to be made of some type of crystal that could be one of the main reasons why the area has had anomalous disappearances.

According to the sensationalist claims of ufologists and paranormal researchers, we simply do not have the technology and the means to accurately explore the area and conclude whether or not there are anomalous pyramids located in the lower part of the Bermuda triangle. There have been several reports of these pyramids, but unfortunately, most of them were considered by the skeptics as elaborate deceptions that mercilessly attack any information about the pyramids.

It is said that American oceanographers have found the anomalous structures more than 20 years ago, concluding that the surface of the structures was flat, suggesting that they were made of glass or some type of crystal. The alleged pyramids, which no one has been able to photograph, are said to be three times the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Today, the truth about the existence or non-existence of the pyramids is said to be found, only in the hands of the military and government agencies that have been in charge of hiding (according to those who believe in the existence of the pyramids) all the data related to anomalous structures. No further investigations can be made since it is believed that the area is under the control of the US military. That, of course, is a theory supported by those who want to believe, no matter what there is something mysterious under the Bermuda Triangle.

The truth, however, can be very different and not as exciting as we all want it to be. Although the information about the two underwater pyramids of the Bermuda Triangle sounds as if it had originated in the script of a Hollywood movie, there are many people who firmly believe that the Bermuda Triangle is an anomalous area that can only be explain yourself by considering all options, such as alien technology that goes well beyond our modern understanding.

Unfortunately, any information related to these mysterious structures under the Bermuda Triangle has been considered suspicious and labeled as a hoax due to the number of invented stories that have attacked the idea that something mysterious is located in the Bermuda Triangle.

This is the reason why, whenever new claims about supposed structures in the Bermuda Triangle appear in the news, the information is considered unworthy by the skeptics, who are responsible for discrediting any possible discovery due to previous lies that were sold as the ultimate truth to the people who desperately expected information in the news.

Today, we can not accept or deny the conclusions of the German oceanographer whose research on the underwater pyramids would have been confiscated by the military. We can not confirm their identity, their existence, nor can we say whether the expedition in search of the pyramids ever took place. All we can say is that the Bermuda Triangle has a long history full of mysteries that nobody has been able to explain accurately. I guess in the end, it’s up to the reader to decide whether or not to believe in those mysterious discoveries.

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