Controversy in the Networks: Extraterrestrial Recorded in Video in Switzerland, in 1992?

For some days a video has been made Viral on the Internet, where supposedly the body of an extraterrestrial is shown, very similar to the concept we have of the Grays.

A video posted on YouTube that was supposedly filmed in 1992 in Eiger, Switzerland, shows what appears to be an “extraterrestrial” body with a huge head of large eyes, small thin arms and torso – much like the stereotypical image of a Gray . Below.(Extraterrestrial Recorded in switzerland)

An image of the being shows the body supported by what appears to be an electrical cable, and another shows a group of scientists who apparently examine the body.

The video was published this week by the UFO Today channel UFO Today, which described it as an extraterrestrial biological entity (EBE), amid claims that it was filmed hastily in “clandestine circumstances.” The channel also claimed to have found the footage on a server in the “dark web” or “dark web”.(Extraterrestrial Recorded in switzerland)

The “deep web” and the “dark web” are, respectively, places on the network where there is no indexing, that is, there is nothing categorized and you can not search as such. 90% of the network is not accessible through search engines such as Google or Yahoo, so there is a lot of information that can not be reached so easily.(Extraterrestrial Recorded in switzerland)

Not everything that contains the “deep web” is bad: the security information contained in our emails, for example, is also located there, just like the queries to electronic banking, for example.

The anonymous user who found the video said that he discovered it by accident in a file that contained the title “EBE 1992, Eiger”. Although the footage seems to have been made with photographs, many people have been really shocked and claim that the images are real, and that they describe it as the most real extraterrestrial evidence they have ever seen.

In the video, several photographs that appear to be an extraterrestrial in a c(Extraterrestrial Recorded in switzerland)old environment are shown, and could probably be Eiger, in Switzerland. The origin of this clip remains a mystery to all of us who want to know the truth about the existence of extraterrestrial life. What do you think?

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