Controversy in the Networks: Man Opens a Dimensional Portal in his Bedroom (Video)

A video that has been around the world, and has generated a stir. A man supposedly opens a dimensional portal in his bedroom. Many are the skeptical voices that have said that the video is nothing more than a hoax, but the evidence and the synchronicity presented have many others believing that it is true.(Man Opens a Dimensional Portal)

(Man Opens a Dimensional Portal)

There are some factors that may not be entirely clear when watching the video and one of them is the importance of the 525 Hz frequencies and the two tones that were used.

Many questions were asked, even if the person could do it in a live transmission on Facebook or if they had tried to paste something into the portal and, if so, what happened. Of course, upon seeing the video, doubt comes to mind, this is something extraordinary that our human mind is not used to seeing. However, we must bear in mind that, in any case, the video seems to reveal exactly what it would be like to open a dimensional portal.(Man Opens a Dimensional Portal)

The video is entitled Entrance Gate to Sedona , and begins with the person who explains that he has opened a sound tone generator on a web page and that the tone is set to 528 Hz.

Explain that you have another sound generator open in the browser and it is set to 525Hz. Then, the man turns on the sound generator and turns to look at the device in the middle of the bed and says there are fluctuations. Then it seems that there is a small and thin strip of light that appears on the light of the bed that gradually illuminates and opens to the portal.(Man Opens a Dimensional Portal)

Looking through the portal, there are houses and fields along with trees and man says it is Sedona, which is a known phenomenon of vortex and there are several of them. The man says that the spectators are watching an entrance or a wormhole to Sedona using a mixture of two sound generators.(Man Opens a Dimensional Portal)

Some people were enthusiastic about the video and were impressed, but others not so much. But do you think that the man managed to open a portal in his room using the frequency of the sound or is it just another deception? Here the video:

And then another video from the same user in which he says open the Dark Matter through other frequencies:

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    1. You dude the speaker model dosnt matter. What matters is if there is any other electronic devices when you did this because the devices would interfere. so do it with any speaker and then play 528hz for 15 minutes in a dark room just your computer and speaker (*a phone can interfere and cause it to not work but a phone can record so if you wish to record it I would stand about 15inches away from the speaker and your phone close to your chest like he did*) and then after 15 minutes use the other tab to start a 525hz and after the 525hz starts close the tab with the 528hz playing and wait. It can take over half a day or in 5 minutes it depends on how lots of factors like for example. (ie. How big your room is, how much devices is in your entire house, how loud or good your speaker (any model will work) is, if lights are on or off, the time, and countless ofther names) all those factors and countless other factors I did and didn’t mention all decide how long it takes for the portal to open for me it took 3days of Trial and error also sitting up (finding all the things that can interfere and move them away and then putting the frequency on and changing the frequency at the right time) and it is probably not going to happen today if you try it *could* work on your first try but let me put it this way -> opening portals is like riding a bike it takes practice now this is more complicated cause this involves time, space and so on… Now I’m not saying that it won’t work if you just put the frequencies on and then having a speaker on the bed or dresser it will work but might take longer then if you move all the devices just do it or prepare… for me it worked but for you I guess you need to experiment and figure it out! Enjoy also I would not recommend going through the portal without money because you might not be able to return if the portal closes!

      1. You say to bring money if the portal closes. How do you know that you are in the same now moment and that the money is the same? Would that also mean then that you would just have to travel home and you would only be missed by the travel time? How could you find out your origin frequency so you can simply take your equipment with you and come back?

    2. Time travel machine year 20000.0000.00000000 out yes hello my boy আমার মনে কাছে এসে ভালো ভাবে সুস্থ থাকুন

  1. port is fake is yust hologram to open port is need thunderball from strom and magnet from speaker kamehameha from goku ad magnet

  2. As a silly video this is up there. I mean anyone who takes this for real needs to seriously get some help, or stop watching sci-fi and get out of your mother’s basement and stop taking youtube for fact.

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