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Drone Managed To Film A UFO Moving At High Speed In 4K

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Drone Managed To Film A UFO Moving At High Speed In 4K
By Ansh Srivastava March 26, 2021
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Many complain that the quality of some UFO photographs or footage is poor. However, in this case we have an ultra high definition filming. The problem, perhaps, is that the engraved object is moving at an immeasurable speed. What is it about?

Drone Managed To Film A UFO Moving At High Speed In 4K

The incident occurred in Mar Chiquita, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This town is only 34 kilometers from the summer city of Mar del Plata. It was recorded at 4K resolution at 30 frames per second.

The drone operator, Mariano López, shared the material on his YouTube channel accompanied by the following description:

«This UFO, when we see it with zoom in the final part of the video, we distinguish a triangular shape, and it seems that it goes flush with the ground (it casts its shadow on the ground). Then it begins to rise and its shape changes, resembling the letter P, ”he writes. “It will also be distinguished that it is followed by something mysterious that maintains the same distance and position with respect to the UFO.”

The object also appears to be small in size. For this reason, some in the comments say that it could be a probe from another world.

López, for his part, said that he will try to return to the same place and at the same time to see if he gets something similar.

Source: YouTube

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