The Great Extraterrestrial Conspiracy of History : Does our Technology Hide them? (Video)

Talking about certain topics, such as extraterrestrials, is uncomfortable, especially when the answers to the questions are known. But just then a new reflection appears on the scene. What would happen if more and more people without knowing anything, begin to have access to information that governments seek to hide from us.(Extraterrestrial Conspiracy)

The only reason why the government has not formally told us that our species is in permanent contact with aliens and interdimensional aliens, is for Power.(Extraterrestrial Conspiracy)

Power over others, the power to do, the power to own and sell new technologies. The alien species have not made their presence, before the masses, a matter publicly recognized due to personal interests, and our own blindness. There are interests that benefit them and our government in the shade, and that imply keeping us in ignorance. And it’s not because most of us commoners would panic or want to commit suicide. No. It is because we commoners would have access to technologies, knowledge and conscience that would make each person an unstoppable and uncontrollable individual.(Extraterrestrial Conspiracy)


As a collective, what was impossible 100 years ago has now become common. Changes in reality occur at every moment, and something that at one time does not exist or is not possible, becomes possible and completely normal at the next moment. We do this as a society. Each society has its own limitations, awareness of the environment and the environment, beliefs about man and woman, family, power and everything else. Even some western countries have fully accepted to be aware of the existence of aliens and their ships.(Extraterrestrial Conspiracy)

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In the USA it is still an issue that is officially “mocked”. Because, the alternative to this would imply that the government in the shade shares all the technology obtained, through reverse engineering, by him and the private companies involved. It would mean that, suddenly, all of us would have in our homes small devices capable of providing us with the energy necessary to feed an average house for hundreds of years and more.(Extraterrestrial Conspiracy)

But the more people become aware of something, the more “normal” that something becomes for us as a society and as a species, and the faster it manifests itself in our daily lives. For example, anyone who is over 30 years old will remember when there were no smartphones, or even mobile phones! It was just a fantasy shown in science fiction movies. Look at us now.

Another piece of interesting information that is now being “discovered” around the world is that our history goes back a long time before the few thousand years we thought we existed. And to back up that information as true, all kinds of cities and pyramids, highly developed, are being discovered on the planet, in the oceans, poles, in mountains (previously thought to be natural formations) and in other interesting locations.(Extraterrestrial Conspiracy)

So what do extraterrestrials, ultradimensional beings, UFOs and teleportation have in common? Simple, it’s about the “vibration” or resonance.

Think of this as a camera changing focus, or as a radio changing stations. When the UFOs appeared, they seemed to be responding to an energy, an impression and a mental scheme that I and those present were feeling. It’s almost as if some extraterrestrial technology was designed to answer us. This can be clearly seen in certain places on the planet where people gather to see UFOs, or in those individuals who have learned to “call” them at will. And at least one extraterrestrial technology seems to use teleportation through space and time to be present in our 3D awareness of the world. Keep in mind that there are multiple races of extraterrestrials and ultradimensional beings around here. Not all friendly, or hostile,(Extraterrestrial Conspiracy)

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