Hundreds of birds died during test of a 5G antenna in the Netherlands

A few months ago, more than 300 birds fell dead throughout the city of The Hague (Netherlands), and although initially the real causes were kept a secret, the magnitude of what happened was so great that a half revealed the truth…(birds died during test of a 5G)

As reported by the Healthnut News website, a new 5G antenna, placed in the area for the purpose of a test, killed hundreds of birds. The technicians in charge of the project sought to determine how large the antenna’s reach was and whether its use would cause damage around the station. However, it caused much more than they had anticipated.

Deadly Antenna(birds died during test of a 5G)

As soon as the antenna was activated, the birds began to fall dead from the trees. In addition, some ducks that were swimming in a nearby place also reacted strangely, placing their heads under the water to escape the radiation and others flew trying to get away from the area…(birds died during test of a 5G)

A statement said :

If all suffered heart failure with a healthy body, no signs of virus, no bacterial infection, healthy blood, no poisons were found, etc., the only reasonable explanation is that the new 5G microwave technology has a great negative effect on all the hearts of birds! “…

Hundreds of birds died during test of a 5G antenna in the Netherlands birds died during test of a 5G

According to a publication on Facebook of John Kuhles:

The birds were victims of an experiment, conducted in The Hague, where RF radiation was tested with a maximum frequency of 7.40 GHz. However, this information is not confirmed.

So far it is unknown if new tests have been carried out with 5G transmission masts; however, other strange events have occurred that could suggest it, such as what happened to some cows in Loppersum where a 5G antenna was also tested. Previously in Switzerland, other 5G tests could have caused a whole group of cows to be thrown into a ravine…

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  1. I have argued the point of the ill effects of 5G communications on more than one occasion. Referencing several incidents in which both animal and human being alike suffered adverse effects from it’s deployment.

    While by trade, definition, and character I am an Information (Security) Analyst, anyone that performs a cursory search on it’s ill gotten effects would be surprised by the wealth of information available.

    I’ve come to find that with most technology, people would rather suffer the effects than go without. And to this end we are somewhat racing towards our own demise.

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