The images of Tesla in space were shot on a set ? Know the truth!

Since SpaceX made history by launching the Falcon Heavy into space with a red Tesla Roadster in charge, the company and Elon Musk have received a lot of criticism. One of the sources of these criticisms has been that of people who believe that the video that shows the Starman doll mounted in the car was CGI and fake. Some of these come from the theorists of the “flat earth” who still believe that the Earth is not round. The CGI in question actually has a simple explanation that discredits these claims. This is what you need to know.(images of Tesla in space were shot on a set)

One of the main reasons why people are pushing the idea that the release of Falcon Heavy was false revolves around the video of the Starman traveling on the Tesla Roadster in space. Here is the video in question that people are talking about and sharing, watch the minute 01:39:

But no, a CGI study was not exposed during the live broadcast of Starman. In fact, we were seeing the cargo fairing that houses Tesla’s opening for the first time. It was not originally captured in the live broadcast, so it was included in the Starman video later for the effect.

Yes, there are people who believe that everything was CGI and there was a brief moment in which the green screen broadcast live broke down and revealed the study. But that really was not what happened. This brief scene was a recording of the payload fairing, which housed the Tesla Roadster, opening and exposing the Tesla to space. Different images were spliced ​​into the live broadcast through the video while it was being broadcast, including the graphics that show the planned trajectory for Starman and Tesla. The video showing the opening of the fairing was also added to the transmission, as it was not originally shown.(images of Tesla in space were shot on a set)

Here below is a picture of SpaceX, before launch, which shows the Tesla loaded in the fairing of the payload. Yes, if you notice, this looks exactly like that moment in the live broadcast. It is not a CGI study. SpaceX shared photos on Instagram before the launch of the Tesla Roadster mounted on a modified satellite adapter, enclosed within the fairing of the rocket payload to protect it during launch preparations and the first part of the mission. After entering the space, they always planned to open the fairing and expose the car.

images of Tesla in space were shot on a set

Some people also point out that the Starman video in space seems “fake.” But as Elon Musk himself mentioned during a press conference after the launch, it seems false because of the way in which light is reflected in space and how it is reflected on the surface of the Earth. Light has far fewer objects to bounce off, leaving things that look different from space.(images of Tesla in space were shot on a set)

“I think it seems so ridiculous and impossible ,” Musk said. “You can tell it’s real because it looks so fake, honestly. We would have much better CGI if it were false. All colors seem strange in space. There is no atmospheric occlusion; everything is very clear. “

Some things happened that were not entirely in accordance with the original plan. The animation launched by SpaceX before the launch showed that the Tesla Roadster would separate from the final stage and float by itself in space. The animation also made it look like the Roadster would come much closer to Mars than it did. But it did not happen.(images of Tesla in space were shot on a set)

Some people also claim that the video is false because there are no stars. There is also an explanation for this, and it is covered in quite a few publications. Cornell analyzes the phenomenon of not seeing stars in photos and videos, after someone asked why the pictures taken in space by astronauts never show stars, even out of focus. The Cornell website explains that stars of the photos are not seen in space because these photos lack “integration time”. A longer exposure time is needed to reveal the stars. So yes, you can take photos and videos that show stars in space, but you really have to plan it. The camera exposures on the moon, for example, were configured to show clear images of the lunar surface, not to show the stars. And the brightness of the Earth can interfere with the vision of the stars. The astronauts on the Moon said that they could personally see brighter stars on the Moon if they stood in the shadow of the Lunar Module.(images of Tesla in space were shot on a set)

Finally, some people who do not understand the original plans say that the Musk tweet about the Tesla that is already heading to the asteroid belt is absurd because there was no way for the Tesla to reach Mars. That was not really what Musk was claiming, and the misunderstanding comes from some media sources that originally misinterpreted the plans for the launch and shared misinformation claiming that the Tesla would go directly to Mars. The animated video from SpaceX before the launch also made it look like the car would be much closer to Mars than it really was. The plan was to launch the Tesla in a heliocentric orbit (an orbit around the sun) that at a point in the future would take it close to Mars.

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“It’s literally a normal car in space; I like the absurdity of that, “Musk said during his press conference after the launch. “It’s a bit silly and fun, but I think silly and funny things are important … I think the images of this are something that will excite people around the world.”(images of Tesla in space were shot on a set)

The Tesla has already been seen in space. Gianluca Masi of the Virtual Telescope Project and Michael Schwartz of the Tenagra Observatory observed the payload of the rocket in space. What do you think? Leave us your comment! 😉

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