Is breaking bad Prequel to The walking dead ?

There are many similarities in both the walking dead and Breaking bad but do these both show’s really exist in the same universe.

Is breaking bad Prequel to The walking dead ?.’Breaking Bad’ and ‘The Walking Dead ‘ are two of the most famous tv series on AMC. Many fan theories state that both the shows are connected in some way even Netflix claimed so. Here are some similarities between the two shows which make everyone believe so. what if Walter white started the zombie apocalypse with some sort of drug?

Merle’s hidden stash of drugs

In season 2, episode 2 of The Walking Dead: T-Dawg cut his arm pretty bad. Daryl Dixon was ready to help out by obtaining his brother Merle’s stash that contained not only varied medications for pain killers but down in the bottom of the bag had Blue Crystal meth. This was a noticeable nod to Breaking bad.

The Red Mustang

The red sports car that Walter bought for his son appears like a similar one Glenn drove to lure the walkers away in the Walking Dead episode two.


Daryl knew Jesse?

In season four, episode twelve of The Walking Dead: Daryl confirmed that merle stole from a drug dealer who shockingly bore an identical description as Jesse Pinkman from Breaking bad. He even said Jesse’s iconic catchphrase


Gus Fring’s Death

He was the first zombie ever. look at his death scene carefully and you will notice.


The Governer Knew Heisenberg?

In season three of The Walking Dead The Governor lists a number of individuals who were killed after Rick’s ambush. one in every of those listed folks is… wait for it… Heisenberg! Heisenberg may be a name that Walter White offers himself in Breaking bad. now, this might be a stretch, however, this could mean that Walter didn’t die within the last season. All we tend to saw at the end was the camera zooming far away from Walter’s face as he laid there motionless.

These are the similarities between both the shows could it be that Walter white created some sort of meth or drug which caused the zombie outbreak or is the following fan theory just a hoax?

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