The Lie we Live in !! Everyone Should See and Share This Video

Are you really free in this World? Foods. Water. Earth. The same elements that we need to survive are owned by corporations. There is no food for us in the trees. There is no fresh water in the rivers. There is no land to build a house. If you try to take what the earth gives you, you will be locked up. So we obey his rules.(The Lie we Live in)

The Lie we Live in

For us, our journey is unique but together we are nothing but fuel. The fuel of elite powers. The elite behind the corporate logos. This is your world. And your most valuable resource is not on the ground, we are. We build their cities. We operate their machines. After all, money is not what drives them. It’s the power. Money is simply the tool they use to control us. Pieces of worthless paper they depend on to feed us, move us, entertain us. They gave us the money, and in return gave them the world.

When will we realize the money can not be eaten? In other words, it has no value. We are not destroying the planet. We are destroying all life in the.

Analyzing this video it is possible to observe that the collective impels us through the force of social coercion as it was theorized by Émile Durkheim. It is the herd effect that, added to an increasingly technological world, presents us with changes in behavior that are increasingly dynamic. And at the same time that it produces a new type of herd effect, technology classifies us into groups, and within these groups individualism is privileged.

The Lie we Live in

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But all slaves of this new world, when we are asked to unite, we obey orders and become a herd to appear in the media. What about the sporting events organized by the big television networks? As soon as the order is given, the masses concur to have fun and feel that they are part of the current. That is, we live conditioned, where was our autonomy?

The same happens in elections, where the media choose who we will vote for. And so on … The problem is that when we are alone, the vast majority need to be accepted collectively to feel part of a whole. Where is our individuality?

We do not realize that politicians do not serve us. They serve those who finance them in power. We need leaders, not politicians. But in this world of followers we have forgotten to lead ourselves. Do not wait any longer for the change and know the change you want to see.

Perhaps now you see clearly how we are used by the media, the manipulation that the system makes us from small to sow the ideas that best fit the elites. Here the video with dubbing in Latin Spanish, and below in Original Version with subtitles in Castilian.

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