This man claims to be the father of thousands of hybrid children with extraterrestrials (Video)

A 72-year-old man named David Hagen, a neighbor of the American city of New Jersey, claims to have had many sexual relationships with beings from other planets. He claims to be the father of thousands of “hybrid” children between humans and extraterrestrials. He says he has been in contact with these beings since he was only eight years old, when they landed on their parents’ farm.

The human being does not know anything about extraterrestrials. We have been looking for answers from the first moment that people began to report having seen UFOs or lights in the sky. And it is that, although it seems a lie, even today dealing with these issues of “abduction” in our society is a stigma. But really, contactees who claim to have had contact with these civilizations, truly experience very traumatic experiences.

Most cases collected from abductions leave sequels to the victims who suffer these kidnappings and, although most have only been able to remember these experiences under hypnosis, the truth is that they are never the same again. Unknown implants have been extracted from certain parts of the body of some contactees. But most (especially women) say they have undergone medical examinations focused mainly on the genitals, and have even been victims of sexual abuse, pregnancy, abortion, etc.

And one of the most famous “phase four” cases of late has been that of David Hagen, a retired US citizen, who testifies to having established type 4 contacts with extraterrestrial beings. He has been in contact with this exoplanetary civilization since the eight years he saw them landing on the farm where he lived with his parents as a child.


Hagen, relates that that meeting at eight years would be only the beginning of many meetings. After the years, when I was 17 years old, I was walking through the woods, when I was abducted by these beings. During this meeting, I introduced you to “Crescent”, a female of this extraterrestrial civilization with whom, after engaging in a kind of conversation, she lost her virginity. He added that they had a kind of relationship that was established for a while.

During this “relationship” that he had with that Crescent, they had a lot of sexual relations that later would have given fruit to countless descendants of both. In his more than seventy years, he claims to be the father of thousands of hybrid children. Hagen got in touch with groups dedicated to ufology in order to share with them everything he learned from this alien race.

He has published a documentary under the supervision of filmmaker and director Brad Abrahams, called “Love and Saucers”. This documentary was presented at the “Miami Film Festival” being acclaimed by critics and the public. Brad Abrahams is highly respected in the profession and I am sure that this documentary will continue to give much to talk about.

Let’s hope for David and we will soon reach another level of learning about extraterrestrial life and the different personalities of these.

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