A Mysterious (and massive) Hole just opened in Antarctica and the Experts can not Explain it

A mysterious and massive hole has just opened on the surface of Antarctica leaving experts confused as they are unable to explain what caused their formation accurately.


On September 9 last month a NASA satellite detected something unusual in Antarctica, suddenly a 257-kilometer-wide hole had appeared in the middle of nowhere. It is not that a piece of ice was shed by sea warming, but a huge area has been melted in the middle of a frozen desert. It has happened more often, but never in such a peculiar location.(Hole)

The hole, as large as the upper lake or the state of Maine in the US, with an approximate area of ​​about 30,000 square miles, has created confusion among experts, who are unable to explain why it appeared exactly there. Some blame climate change, but the truth is that many scientists have no idea.(Hole)

According to atmospheric physicist Kent Moore, this hole is not only immense, but also unusual in its location. Typically, a hole of this type would appear in the “warm” zones of coastal Antarctica, where it is more likely to thaw. This time he has done so in the heart of Antarctica. That is why at the moment there is no exact explanation of its origin.

It looks as if the ice had been punched directly. (Hole)
They had no clue that this hole was being formed and according to Kent Moore, had it not been for the satellites, they would not have known of its existence.

Is climate change the culprit in this hole?

The logical thing would be to blame climate change for the appearance of this hole in Antarctica, but do not rush. Polynes appear by natural causes and may have been simply by erosion of the wind over an area of ​​the weaker ice sheet.(Hole)

Regardless of that, this hole has implications for the surrounding natural bodies. Once the sea ice melts, a huge temperature contrast is generated between the ocean and the atmosphere. The denser, colder water sinks to the bottom of the ocean, while warmer water comes to the surface.

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