New York illustrator claims to be being harassed by a demonic baby and has pictures to prove it

For those who still do not know, Adam Ellis is a well-known illustrator who lives in New York and also has some peculiar followers, people who follow his Twitter account to keep up with his terrifying story about a dead baby that harasses him in his apartment.
Apparently this 
ghost baby had some kind of incident when he was alive because his ghostly head is disfigured. Ellis is known in social media as “the guy who believes a dead baby is chasing him.”(demonic baby)

As an illustrator, he tried to draw as the demon baby appears in front of his bed at night.
The popular illustrator began to share his experiences on Twitter a few months ago, however, his latest story, published on November 7, is perhaps the most terrifying of all.

“Dear David…”

On the 7th, Adam Ellis described a nightmare that occurred during the night with “Dear David” . The nicknamed “demonic baby” looked at him from a chair on the other side of the room .
He said he felt “paralyzed and could hardly move” , but unlike other times, this time he managed to photograph.

“I felt mostly immobile, but I could wriggle a little,” Adam wrote. “I felt more alert. I could move my hands in some way. David looked at me and feared what I knew was coming. It was going to get up from the chair and come towards me, as before. Then I started taking pictures while thinking: “If David is going to kill me, maybe I can at least get evidence on my phone.”

The next morning he woke up normally, with no traces of any demonic spirit in his apartment.
It was then that he decided to review the photographs he had taken the night before and saw “dozens of photos in black”.

However, there were three completely different photos. He told his followers to increase the brightness.

One of the photos was so terrifying that it made him terrified . You could clearly see the terrifying figure of a child sitting in a chair, looking seriously at Adam, and then approaching towards him.

The beginning of a nightmare Of A demonic Baby

It all started on August 7, when Adam tweeted the following: “Therefore, my apartment is being chased by the ghost of a dead child and he is trying to kill me. He started to appear in dreams, but I think he has now crossed over into the real world. (demonic baby)

According to Adam, for a while he simply stared at him, but then he got up from his chair and began to approach the bed .
When this terrifying encounter happened, Adam could not move because he was paralyzed and just before reaching his bed, he woke up screaming.
The New York illustrator regularly publishes videos that show “paranormal activity” in his apartment.
The plants fall from the shelves and the rocking chairs seem to provide evidence of the existence of the ghost.
He even moved to the apartment above to escape the demonic baby, but his cats approach the entrance door at midnight, apparently paralyzed by something on the other side.

Adam says he now receives phone calls from numbers he does not know , but when a “little voice” whispers “hello,” he hangs up.
His stories keep his followers on Twitter updated on the encounters with “Dear David” , but warns that if he stops publishing for a while, then “we will know that something has happened to him” .
Six days have passed since his last publication, so it could be that the demonic baby has finally caught its prey or Adam is devising his next story.
Of course, there are people who doubt the validity of the story, which is understandable. Although it can also be said that It takes a lot of energy and time to prepare a disturbing story like this , from a psychological point of view.(demonic baby)

To date, Adam has more than 560,000 followers on Twitter, which seems to indicate that there are many people interested in the daily meetings the little David.

So what do you think? Do you think the photos are real or false? Do not hesitate to comment below on “Dear David”.

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