The Reason why there are so many UFO sightings near Volcanic Eruption

During the last decade, there have been numerous reports and sightings of UFOs flying in the vicinity of dormant volcanoes or, in most cases, erupting. Is there any reason for this increase in UFO activity near these erupting giants?(UFO sightings near Volcanic Eruption)

UFO sightings near Volcanic Eruption

Recently, a large glowing sphere could be seen flying over the Yellowstone volcano in the United States. In September of 2017, a UFO was filmed flying over the Chaparrastique volcano in El Salvador. In January of 2017, a huge similar spherical object was flying over the Popocatépetl volcano in Mexico. In 2016 there were numerous stories of UFO flying over active volcanoes.(UFO sightings near Volcanic Eruption)

Consider this. When a medium volcano erupts, it releases around 27 megatons of thermal energy. That’s a lot. Could it be that these mysterious crafts have found a way to reap the energy that is released during these events?

Some experts say that due to the high temperatures expelled by these colossi and because the technology that these ships use – still unknown to mankind – has the ability to absorb the heat emanating from these mountains to recharge energy, it is that is why we see them often hanging around when there are events of this type.(UFO sightings near Volcanic Eruption)

UFO sightings near Volcanic Eruption

There are testimonies of people who live near the beaches in certain points of our planet that have seen UFOs emerge from the sea (OSNIS, submersible objects not identified). This tells us that their activity is within the very nature of our planet.

We must not forget that the students of the UFO subject affirm, and it has been confirmed many times that when it occurs, or even before any kind of cataclysm occurs, sightings of which several have been videotaped occur.

These lightning bolts in the volvans are created by a process called charge separation by the ash cloud. This could also explain why we have seen some UFO videos hit by regular rays in recent years. Maybe Elon Musk can learn a trick or two of these planes. What do you think?

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