The reptilian hunter: Ex-Marine who claimed to be able to see alien faces infiltrated

This is one of the strangest cases on the so-called “Solitary Assassins”. A 30-year-old ex-Marine, named Kyle Andrew Odom, says he can see the changing faces of humans reptilian and takes justice by his hand by hunting these infiltrated aliens.(The reptilian hunter: Ex-Marine)

He first attacked a gunman and then was arrested in the White House where he sent a message to Barack Obama, whom he warned about an extraterrestrial conspiracy. His movements after the alleged attempt to assassinate the religious led to speculation that he could have gone further. For example, he walked with a list of “notable reptilians”, including several members of the US Congress.(The reptilian hunter: Ex-Marine)

The reptilian hunter: Ex-Marine“Things are not what they seem. The world is ruled by an ancient civilization of Mars. Pastor Tim was one of them, and it was the reason my life was ruined, “Odom wrote on his Facebook wall, changing his profile picture to the image of an alien. “I wish I could share my story with as many people as possible. I do not have time right now, they chase me. ”

“I shot Pastor Tim 12 times,” he said. “There is no way that any human being can survive that. Anyway, I’ve sent my story to the major news agencies. I do not have time, I have to go. ”

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Hours later he was detained in the vicinity of Obama’s office.

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  1. Id love to know the truth …id like to know if just how there are satin worshipers and satin armys there must be Christian armys as well who give there lives for christ ….i have a big family and would love to know im associated with god loving warriors….

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