Scientists have discovered a huge metal structure hidden beneath the surface of the Moon

In the summer of 1969, Apollo 11 took the first humans, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, to the moon on a mission they called “a great leap for humanity . ” But apart from having a great purpose for Earth, there is a theory that says that the Moon is actually an artificial satellite that was placed near our planet by aliens. The proof of this amazing theory is that the orbit of the moon around the earth is almost perfectly circular, and that the moon itself does not rotate, which raises the question of what is hidden in the hidden face of the Moon. Interestingly, this is a feature that is not found in any other celestial body of our solar system.(metal structure hidden beneath the surface of the Moon)

Not to mention that the moon contains a unique combination of metals, such as brass. The amount of titanium found on the moon is also 10 times greater than that on Earth. Scientists have not yet found an explanation. All this leads us to the fact that the mysteries of the moon and the universe are far from being solved and the possibilities of what is beyond the atmosphere of our Earth can never be discovered. But if that were not enough now, NASA has discovered a huge metal structure below the surface of the Moon and wants to send astronauts in 5 years to review the area.

The mysterious metal structure hidden beneath the surface of the Moon

Scientists say there is something unusual and metallic hidden beneath the south pole of the moon . They do not know if it could be a lost lunar Atlantis built by ancient astronauts or the colossal collision that formed the largest crater in the solar system.

“Imagine taking a lot of metal five times bigger than Hawaii and burying it underground,” said Peter B. James, assistant professor of planetary geophysics at Baylor University, in a statement. “That’s roughly the amount of unexpected mass we detect.”

huge metallic structure hidden moon - Scientists have discovered a huge metal structure hidden beneath the surface of the Moon metal structure hidden beneath the surface of the Moon

A team of researchers led by Professor James analyzed the gravity data of the moon of the mission of the Internal Laboratory and Recovery of Gravity (GRAIL) of NASA and compared it with the lunar topography of the space probe Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter to find the surprising mass hundreds of kilometers below the South Pole of the moon , the so-called Aitken Basin. This basin, which is located near the bottom of our only natural satellite, is an oval-shaped crater several kilometers deep and up to 2,000 kilometers wide. And another causality, it is right on the other side of the moon.(metal structure hidden beneath the surface of the Moon)

“One of the explanations for this additional mass is that the metal of the asteroid that formed this crater is still embedded in the mantle of the Moon,” Professor James continues, adding that the crater is believed to be 4 billion years old. , almost as old as the earth itself.

Although another possible explanation is that the mass could be a product of the old magma ocean of the moon solidifying . The research was published earlier this year in the scientific journal Geophysical Research Letters . And for its part, NASA wants to send astronauts to that area in 2024.

What is inside the moon?

So, what is inside the Moon? Of course, this discovery could well be a natural geological feature, but it could also be a very different one. We know, with our current technology, it would take many thousands of years to reach the closest star system. And with a bit of luck, in the next century or so we can reduce it to a few hundred years. Even traveling at the speed of light, it would take four years to reach the next solar system.(metal structure hidden beneath the surface of the Moon)

moon metal structure - Scientists have discovered a huge metal structure hidden beneath the surface of the Moon metal structure hidden beneath the surface of the Moon

That said, the only possibility that exists is that extraterrestrial beings have come with their huge ships and deposited colonies in several star systems, to observe primitive life as it developed. And what better place to hide such a colony than inside the Moon?

So everything seems to indicate that our natural (or artificial) satellite is the perfect place to hide extraterrestrial bases . For most of our history we had no way to get there, and even today we continue to have no human presence. Also, that one side of the Moon is always hidden from the Earth. Who knows what could be happening beyond our prying eyes? This is an interesting idea, and perhaps the new discovery will prove the existence of such civilizations.

Does the methyl mass on Luna demonstrate extraterrestrial presence on Luna? Will we ever know the truth?

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