Security cameras show frightening paranormal activity in a school in Ireland

Schools anywhere in the world can be as haunted as houses, castles and old battlefields. Maybe more so. Sometimes there are legends of students, teachers and staff who died there, possibly becoming wandering spirits.(paranormal activity in a school in Ireland)

In October 2017, a video posted on the Deerpark CBS Facebook page (a secondary school in Cork, Ireland) showed footage of a security camera showing a ghost opening and closing doors , as well as moving objects. The video became a viral success. He received coverage in a wide variety of media, including Today and New York Post, accumulating more than 13 million views in a few weeks after its publication.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Kevin Barry, principal of the school, told the media that teachers, students and staff were completely bewildered.

“Obviously they warned us about strange movements in the school and when we went back to review the video of the security cameras that’s what we saw ,” Barry told the British newspaper Daily Mail Online. “It happened during the night. We are confused, we do not know what it is. We feel that something strange is happening because, from time to time, people experience a chill when they pass through that area. It’s very interesting, one of the teachers brings his pet, but he never wants to go through that area. “

Barry said he did not know if it was a well-made joke at school, built in 1828.(paranormal activity in a school in Ireland)

“I’m skeptical, but we said we would publish the video on our Facebook page, simply because we do not know if this is a joke or what,” Barry continued. “Is someone playing with us? It is a very old building, dating back several decades and has a lot of history. People who live in old buildings always hear strange noises and sounds, but this is the first time we recorded something. Sometimes we have found objects scattered on the ground, but we could never know what or who was throwing them, we just assumed that it was the students who did it. “

The school principal also said that the alleged poltergeist had not activated any other camera  in that hallway.(paranormal activity in a school in Ireland)

“Because we now have detectors with motion sensors, we should have been able to detect other people coming to that area in the other cameras, and we have not been able to do that,” Barry concluded.

However, a few weeks later Deerpark CBS re-released a new video , this time the images of the security camera showed a bag falling from a locker, a poster flying from a wall and a chair moving down the hall. The video was recorded on October 26 at 5:30 in the morning and published with the following description: “This is what happened … NEW CCTV recording of Deerpark CBS”.

Aaron Wolfe, deputy director of the school, told the media that he did not know how the video was made.(paranormal activity in a school in Ireland)

“We still do not understand how this has happened ,” Wolfe said in an email to TODAY. “If it’s a joke, it’s very well crafted. The school was built on a site known as Green Gallows. In the 19th century, criminals were hanged here. The closest pub is actually called The Gallows. People have suggested that we have used a green screen or edited the video. I wish our school had this kind of resources. Others have suggested that fishing line was used. I do not see how the fishing line could open a locker because the doors of the lockers do not open unless the latch is turned. “

paranormal activity in a school in Ireland

Real or assembly?

As we have commented previously, the videos have accumulated millions of visits since their publications on social networks, and not all are convinced that the images show a true poltergeist phenomenon. Some of the students have dared to say that it was simply a joke to celebrate Halloween, also known as Halloween.(paranormal activity in a school in Ireland)

“I’m a student at Deerpark CBS, the assistant principal did it as a joke and got many visits, so he did it again so he could get more,” said one student in the publication. “He thought it would be fun to promote Halloween fundraisers for the school.”

For its part, the controversial Internet portal Snopes, known for discrediting all kinds of urban legends or Internet rumors, explained in a publication that the video was clearly edited. Their verdict was based on the location of the camera and how the ghostly recording appeared conveniently a few weeks before the annual school event called “Fearpark” for Halloween. In fact, some images were used in social media publications that promoted the event. The hypothesis suggested by the Snopes portal could be correct, although there is also the possibility that it is a true poltergeist phenomenon , so many people prefer to think that it is a montage and thus be able to sleep better at night.

But what do you think? Is it a true poltergeist phenomenon? Or maybe it was a publicity stunt to celebrate Halloween night? Do not hesitate to comment.


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