Shocking Interview with Former World Bank Executive: “Nonhuman Creatures Control the World”

That “extraterrestrials control the world” is something that has been commented on in the “conspiranoicos” circles for a long time. However, a person who worked in a major institution such as the World Bank, is something else. (Nonhuman Creatures Control the World)

Nonhuman Creatures Control the World

Karen Hudes studied Law at Yale University and Economics at the University of Amsterdam. She worked for the Export Import Bank of the United States between 1980 and 1985. She also worked for the World Bank’s Legal Department between 1986 and 2007. An impressive resume and no less impressive are the statements of this executive who has worked for more than twenty years for the World Bank.

In this interview, Hudes reveals that she was fired because of her attempts to denounce the huge, massive, according to her words, corruption that lies in the highest domes of the Bank and the world economy.

He claims that everything is controlled by a strange entity that they call “Black Pope” and that this entity is not human. He states that there is another species on this planet that is not human and that governs us from before the Ice Age. These entities are not extraterrestrials but another species of humans with a high technological development, with a high intellectual coefficient and without any creative or emotional capacity.

Nonhuman Creatures Control the World

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For her, these beings would have been in the positions of power for a long time. To illustrate, he spoke of the mitres used by some Egyptian pharaohs to cover his elongated head and the mysterious Peruvian skulls.(Nonhuman Creatures Control the World)

Citing a 2011 Swiss study published in Plos One magazine on the “global corporate control network,” Hudes noted that a small group of entities, mostly financial institutions and central banks, exert a huge influence on the international economy . “What is really happening is that the world’s resources are being dominated by this group,” adding that “corrupt power grabbers” have managed to dominate the media as well. “They are allowed to do it.”(Nonhuman Creatures Control the World)

Hudes’s words, which to many may sound crazy, join those of former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyier, who at a UFO congress last year said there are aliens working in the US government.

What do you think of his incredible statements? We leave the entire interview divided into two parts:

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