Spooky image shows a vampiric ghost during a raid in an Indonesian bar

img empty - Spooky image shows a vampiric ghost during a raid in an Indonesian bar

Described as a pale-skinned woman with long, usually dark hair, the vampire Pontianak often dresses in light-colored or white clothing, giving an absolutely frightening appearance in the dark. For those who are not familiar, the Pontianak are the ghosts of women who died during pregnancy in Indonesian and Malay mythology.

The Pontianak (also called matianak or kuntilanak) attract men through the appearance of beautiful women, although the worst of all is that the Pontianak wants to kill and makes him gut his victims with his sharp claws.If the victim is a male, As it usually is, the sexual organs are removed before his death.There are several ways to know if a Pontianak is near.The first is if the neighborhood dogs are howling and then they start crying, then it means that the Pontianak has materialized in our reality Another way is because of its ability to make babies cry.

If the sob is very prolonged, then the Pontianak is really close. And if someone thinks that it’s only about myths and legends, now a photograph can show that they exist. A snapshot taken during a police raid at a karaoke bar in Indonesia seems to show a supernatural being, which for some is a true Pontianak.

The vampire ghost

Last Friday, December 29, 2017, the Probolinggo police, in the Indonesian province of East Java, conducted a drug raid at a karaoke bar. The photo, taken during the police operation, became a viral phenomenon in Indonesian social networks since many thought that one of the women who was in the background at the karaoke bar was a supernatural being, due to its really grotesque face .

ghost indonesia - Spooky image shows a vampire ghost during a raid at an Indonesian bar

The photo caught the attention of the main national media, including the Indonesian news website “DetikCom” requested the help of a paranormal expert in search of an explanation.  Ahmad Hasyim, a person whose job is mainly to give explanations for strange events, said that the woman in the photograph is not a ghost, but a supernatural being who purposely hid her face.

“Then, when the picture was taken, the supernatural being covered the woman’s face, ” Hasyim told DetikCom.

The expert on the Indonesian paranormal added that the entity is a  djinn , an Islamic genius that took the form of a Pontianak, the female vampire ghost of Indonesian mythology and very similar in appearance to Samara Morgan or Sadako Yamamura of the movie saga The Ring.

It’s not what it seems…

However, what Hasyim did not expect is that the police themselves confirmed that the police raid photograph did not show any ghost or a female vampire being, it was only a woman with a black veil of flowers.

“When the photo was taken, the veil was used to cover the face of the karaoke bar woman,” said Alfian Nurrizal, police chief of Probolinggo, in a statement posted on the official website of the police department. “We hope that people stop speculating and spreading this deception about a photo of” ghosts “that could annoy the inhabitants of Probolinggo.”

ghost vampiric bar indonesia - Spooky image shows a vampiric ghost during a raid at an Indonesian bar

But this has not prevented the terrifying image from continuing to be viralized through all social networks. And the most surprising thing is that the believers in the paranormal assure that the Pontianak are demonic beings , so they have the ability to manipulate the reality in which we live. Then, when being photographed one of these entities, they managed to use the authorities so that the photo was quickly discredited, because as Baudelaire said: “the greatest cunning of the devil is to make us believe that it does not exist” . It is just another possibility.

What do you think of the vampire ghost photograph? Is it a Pontianak? Or do you believe the version of the authorities?

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