The Strange Roswell Stone: A Message from Outer Space or a Fake?

This strange stone was found by Robert Ridge in September 2004 near the mountains “The Captain” outside the town of Roswell, New Mexico.(Roswell Stone)

Roswell Stone

Robert was hunting when he found the artifact that was covered slightly with sand. He has kept the rock with him since 2004. He introduced it to UFO researchers Chuck Zukowski and Debbie Ziegelmeyer at the Roswell UFO Festival in July 2007 to help him investigate its origin.(Roswell Stone)

Due to the proximity to one of the two sites of the Roswell accident, the rock soon became the subject of heated discussions about its potentially extraterrestrial origin.

Several UFO investigators have examined the strange artifact, and were even included in an episode of “Ancient Aliens” by Giorgio Tsoukalos. The variety of tests performed on the Roswell rock could not determine whether its origins were extraterrestrial or terrestrial.

Replicas have recently been found, which attempt to discredit the phenomenon. If real, how could they record the design with such precision without leaving any evidence of alteration in the stone? Why does this little rock react to magnets? And most disconcerting of all: why design is exactly like the circle in the crop that appeared more than 4000 miles away from the Nevada desert? What do you think? Leave us your comment

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