The Terrifying Russian Dream Experiment: Know the Truth

Russian Dream Experiment

A terrifying story tells the story of the 1940 Russian ‘Dream of the Russian Dream’, in which five people stayed awake for 15 days, followed by a chain of horrifying events. Could it be real? (Russian Dream Experiment)

Russian Dream Experiment

The story goes like this:

Russian investigators in the 1940s conducted an experiment using five political prisoners who were considered enemies of the state. They were falsely promised that they would be released if they voluntarily agreed to be used as guinea pigs during a test, where they would be tested on them with a new exciting gas that would keep them awake for a whole month. They were confined in a sealed cabin where the oxygen consumption was controlled and the gas was administered in its exact dose since in higher doses it was fatal. They had no beds, as they were not going to sleep, but they had water, dry food for a month, a toilet and things to read. To observe the experiment, there was a thick glass window, with a diameter of 5 inches, and several microphones.(Russian Dream Experiment)

Russian Dream ExperimentThe first 5 days went well, but thereafter, subjects began to show paranoia. They stopped talking to each other and began to whisper to the microphones. The researchers suspected that this was a side effect of the gas.
From the 9th day, one of them began to run around the room screaming non-stop for 3 hours. After that time, he kept screaming but there was no longer a sound in his throat. Scientists thought that the vocal cords had been physically torn apart. But the most surprising was the reaction of the other 4 individuals. They kept whispering to the microphones as if nothing happened. After a while, the same thing happened with a second subject. The other three prisoners took a book, ripped the leaves off and stuck them one by one with their own feces on the observation window. The screams stopped immediately, as did the whispers. And so they stayed for another 3 days.(Russian Dream Experiment)

Russian Dream ExperimentScientists knew that the 5 people were alive because the oxygen consumption inside corresponded to that of 5 people doing intense physical exercise, but could not hear anything inside. On the morning of the 14th, researchers did something they never planned. They spoke to the prisoners by an intercom, looking for their reaction. “Let’s open the cockpit to check the microphones. Stay away from the door and lie on the floor. If they do not we will shoot them. But if they do what we tell them, one of you will be released immediately. ”

But the surprise was great when they heard a voice that answered from the inside: “We no longer want to be released.”(Russian Dream Experiment)

Finally, they decided to open the chamber at midnight on the 15th. First, the gas was extracted from the interior and replaced with fresh air. Immediately, 3 voices began to plead from the inside of the chamber to re-apply the gas. When the military entered, and saw the panorama, they began to cry even louder than what the prisoners did in their day. 4 of them were still alive although their state was difficult to describe. The food portions from the sixth day were intact. There were chunks of flesh from the subjects obstructing the sump of the room, preventing the accumulated blood from being evacuated. The 4 survivors had large portions of stripped flesh. The bones of her fingers were exposed, and the way they had the wounds indicated that they had torn the skin off with their own hands. The abdomen had been opened, and the intestines, which came out of the cavity, were on the floor beside him.It could be seen that they were digesting something: their own flesh.(Russian Dream Experiment)

Russian Dream ExperimentThe soldiers were special-operations soldiers but refused to go back in to pick up the prisoners.They, meanwhile, kept begging to be supplied with gas again.

Finally, they were convinced, and they entered to remove the 4 survivors. All of them offered resistance. One of them, who fought against doctors and military, received a dose of morphine 10 times higher than the normal dose of an adult and still failed to sedate him. He died bled.

The one who was in the worst conditions of the three that remained was entered into an operating room. While they returned their intestines to the abdominal cavity they verified that it was insensible to the anesthesia. He was operated on awake while he struggled with such force that he ripped off the leather straps that held his wrists.(Russian Dream Experiment)

The next to be put on the operating table was the second that shattered the vocal cords. Since he could not scream, he only shook his head violently to protest the withdrawal of the gas. They restored her intestines and covered her abdominal cavity with what was left of her skin. This prisoner was not even tried to give him anesthesia.(Russian Dream Experiment)

Russian Dream ExperimentThe researchers wondered why they wanted to be re-supplied with the gas. One of the prisoners replied, “I have to stay awake.”

So they took the three survivors and returned them to the experimental room, tied to the stretchers while performing an electroencephalogram. All of them stopped fighting when they noticed the gas again. The electroencephalogram lines were normal but sometimes turned flat, as if a brain death occurred.

One of the researchers asked the one who could still speak, “What are you?”

“Have you forgotten? We are the madness that hides within all of you, praying at all times to be released from the depths of the animal mind. We are what you hide every night inside your bed. We are what you hide in silence when you go to the night refuge where we can not tread. ”

The investigator paused and finally shot him.


We have translated the whole story, although somewhat summarized. It’s just that, a story. It was released on August 16, 2010 by user Orange Soda on the CreepyPasta site.

The name Creepy Pasta comes from the English words Creepy and Pasta (which means “Paste” from Paste, because they were previously stuck in forums 4chan) The final result in Castilian would be “Tenebrosa Pegada” ). They are stories or legends, whose origin is usually the imagination (disturbed or not) of some individual. The way in which these stories are told forces the viewer to recreate it in his mind, which causes a wraparound effect and naturally dark.

In the original version of Creepy Pasta, you can read “The popular folder on / x / about the perils of sleep deprivation. “. / X / is the mystery section of the 4chan forum. Although there is no record of it (the 4chan post expires and is deleted), the creator of this scary story must have written it there, and became an urban legend when it was pasted into Creepy Pasta.

  1. Even the opposite side has an opposite side. Anasthesea is such an interesting topic, they were hooked on poison and begged to be trapped. I wonder if they were being programmed by subauditory or some type of subliminal broadcast. I think the designers of this exp. were very xenophobic and sadistic.

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