The Poltergeist: Terrifying Supernatural Entity Created By Our Thoughts

Today let’s discuss the scariest supernatural entity among all that prey on us. The supernatural entity is referred to by two names Tulpa and the thought-form although they are one and the same. The roots of Tulpa dates back centuries within the Tibetan Buddhist culture and beliefs. Basically, Tulpa is an enigmatic creature that is formed and driven by human imagination. It sounds a bit strange but this is the actual reality. The poltergeist phenomena and the Tulpa phenomenon are interlinked.

The Poltergeist And Signs Of Its Existence

The English translation of the German word poltergeist is “noisy spirit”.The poltergeist is a deadly and aggressive supernatural power that participates in hostile activity, terrorizes individuals who are present during the activity, and can put the victims of the attacks in grave danger. On the other hand, the disembodied spirits are not similar to poltergeists as disembodied spirits are less destructive. The presence of such spirits could be confirmed if someone observes things like furniture moving from its place, windows breaking, mattresses rising off the floor, books flying off shelves, and electrical devices blowing out. However, things aren’t quite as fundamental as that.

The Poltergeist: Terrifying Supernatural Entity Created By Our Thoughts
Illustration Of Supernatural Entity

Targets Of Poltergeists

In most cases, the poltergeist’s supernatural activity revolves around a single member of the targeted family. Usually, that targeted member of the household is a young girl either prepubescent or in the throes of puberty. Philosophies state that certain supernatural beings are inclined towards young girls. However, when it comes to the case of poltergeists they are different.

“Due to hormonal and emotional changes in the teenager’s body, negative energy may be thrust outwardly sometimes moving or destroying objects telekinetically.”

“Poltergeists” an article by Crystalinks

In other words, young girls unintentionally trigger the phenomena that are linked to ghosts, demons, or the shadow of people. In rare instances, the girl may spontaneously create the image of a ghostly figure from the depths of her dark imagination and subconscious, rather than from some horrible, otherworldly place. And, the higher the degree of that negative energy mentioned by Crystalinks, the more strength and solidity is given to that imaginative production.

So the imagination of the supernatural entity created in the subconscious mind may become real in the worst scenarios. The young girls start to feel weaker as her energies are unwillingly being transferred to a supernatural entity.

In the whole scenario, the girl is getting weaker as she is releasing the vital energy that her body demands is ultimately creating havoc on her health. Also, the energies cause mayhem in the family. It is fortunate that the poltergeist comes to end after a few days, weeks, or even months. The reason for the end of the activity is that the hormonal imbalances and emotional highs and lows that one had felt during his/her adolescence have faded away. As they fade away, so does the amount of energy expended to keep the poltergeist alive which ultimately results in the vanishment of the poltergeist.

Have you ever encountered a Poltergeist? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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