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Former US official Confirms 4 types of aliens are in contact with the government

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Former US official Confirms 4 types of aliens are in contact with the government
By Ansh Srivastava October 2, 2019
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Richard Doty, a retired Air Force officer, in an interview with Dr. Steven Greer, said: “The US government knows at least four different species of aliens that have visited our world and aliens are in contact with the government.(US official Confirms 4 types of aliens)

US official Confirms 4 types of aliens

According to his statements, the government has not given a reasonable explanation of how they obtained these photographic images, which were apparently shown to him.

He comments: “This proved its extraterrestrial origin, however, three are from a very different place to a particular extraterrestrial biological entity or also called EBEN.”

“The first looks like an insect, with huge eyes, a very large head, and a small body. Two different appendages in his arms, basically have two hands on each arm.(US official Confirms 4 types of aliens)

“Several joints in his legs, an appendix like a bubble in the front and a lump in the back. And with an approximate size of an average human. ”

“Then another image represents a tall and thin humanoid with long arms and regular hands that reach the knees. His thin, almost human face, if you don’t look closely at them. They have no hair and their eyes are similar to those of a cat ”

“The third shows a more voluminous body, this creature was genetically modified, which I create this extraterrestrial biological entity.”

“And the last one is properly the extraterrestrial biological entity. The “EBEN”, is about a little over a meter high, do not seem to have ears, in addition to the presence of a notch in the nose and very large eyes.

“His hands with four fingers, and a suction device at his tips. With a very tight suit, but, they seem to be naked, also, they bring on the head, a device, possibly, to communicate.

We have always been told that we are alone in the universe, but really this is not so, just look at the vastness of the cosmos to understand that there may be extraterrestrial races .. Do you think that someday these beings will be known?

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