Most Baffling Photos Which Have Never Been Explained

Ever since the beginning of Humanity, we have always been confronted with certain mysteries that have never been explained.
Every time when we are confronted with mysteries behind inexplicable events, we look for concrete evidence, and it sends shivers and chills down the spine if such pieces of evidence are found in the form of Photos.
Here, we have come with the most baffling photos that have raised numerous questions that still do not have any explanation even to this day.

Black Knight Satellite

In 1998 NASA took a photo showing an object of unknown origin that they claim is “space debris”.
The conspiracy theorists suggest that this satellite has been placed by extraterrestrials approximately 13,000 years ago in order to monitor the humans.
The Black Knight Satellite has been observed and witnessed by numerous people across several timelines and it is also believed by many that NASA is engaged in a cover up to conceal the origin of the satellite.

One theory suggests that the origin of the Black Knight satellite isn’t alien but actually an ancient human creation.
The idea here is that an ancient race of humans (or other intelligent, non-human animals on Earth) were scientifically advanced and launched the satellite before becoming extinct.

Giant Footprint Found In Pennsylvania

Locals in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, were baffled by a footprint measuring 17.75 inches found near a residential home in 1980.
According to the Associated Press, the footprint coincided with reports of strange noises and a strong but unusual odor in the area.

The Solway Firth Spaceman

On a bright summer’s day in 1964, a Carlisle fireman took a photo of his daughter that created headlines around the world.
The Photograph made to the media as there was a mysterious figure wearing a white suit, a helmet, and a dark visor was captured. 
Mr. Templeton claimed that other than him and his wife, there were only a few other women present at the far end of the Marsh, and Mr. Templeton saw no figure when the photograph was being captured.

The photograph was further analyzed by the Kodak who claimed that it was a real photograph and if anybody could prove that it was an hoax, then the person would be rewarded.
Mr. Templeton began receiving letters from all over the world.

He was further visited by two “Men in Black” who asked Mr. Templeton to take them to the spot where the image was taken and referred to each other only as Number 9 and Number 11.

Just days after Mr Templeton had taken his photograph, that missile test on the other side of the world was aborted by technicians who reported seeing two men in the firing range.

Upon later seeing the Solway Spaceman picture on the front page of an Australian newspaper, they were said to be stunned as the figure looked the same as the figures they saw close to the missile.

The plot thickened as the Blue Streak had been built at RAF Spadeadam in Cumbria – just a few miles from where Mr. Templeton photographed Elizabeth – and as the story gathered momentum it was also claimed a UFO had been seen at Woomera.

Fifty years later, are we any closer to solving the mystery of the “Solway Spaceman”?

The Lady Of The Light House

When this photograph of St Augustine Lighthouse was captured, nothing out of the ordinary was noted.
However, on looking back over the photo, the photographer was stunned to find the image of a woman, standing at the railing, looking into the distance.
The problem is that no one was present at the lighthouse when the photo was taken.

St. Augustine lighthouse has seen tragedy many times, with deaths befalling keepers and their families, but in July 1873, the most unfortunate tragedy is said to have taken place.
During construction of the lighthouse (‘second tower’) a cart of some sort (cable or hand) was used to help transport materials for the workers.
The superintendent of the construction allowed his children (and a friend or two) to ride the cart for fun.
Unfortunately, the cart and five children playing inside went off the pier and fell into the water.
Only two were rescued – three young girls perished in the accident.

Hook Island Sea Creature

The gigantic sea creature resembling a terrifyingly ginormous tadpole was spotted in Stonehaven Bay, Hook Island, Queensland, and was captured by Frenchman Robert Le Serrec.
He claimed that he had a run-in with the monster, and he saw it with his family in December 1964.

The family was crossing Stonehaven bay on December the 12th on their motorboat. While on the boat, Robert’s wife noticed a strange object on the bottom of the lagoon.
The family began capturing photos assuming it to be dead, however, to their surprise as they approached the creature, it opened its mouth and started moving towards them.
Frightened out of their minds, they returned to the safety of their boat.
When they got settled back aboard the boat, the creature had fled.

Even to this day, no credible explanation has been given regarding the photograph.

The Unexplained Lunar Lights Present in The Apollo 14 Mission

This Image was captured during the Apollo 14 Mission. Photograph of the Moon surface AS14-66-9301

Apollo 14’s crew carried out the longest list of experiments on the lunar surface and in lunar orbit as of that time, demonstrated that reasonably long distances can be covered on foot on the Moon and brought back almost 95 pounds (43 kilograms) of lunar samples to Earth.

This photograph was captured during the mission and it clearly depicts a strange blue light located miles away.
A series of photographs were captured which show similar blue lights in one place or another.
It is believed by a few that it was a lens flare of the camera, while some suggested conspiracy theories that included extraterrestrial objects, UFOs, or even dark secrets of NASA behind these photos.

Great Los Angeles Air Raid

The Battle of Los Angeles was an example of what happens when the threat of attack feels all too real.
The Great Los Angeles Air Raid was the name given by contemporary sources to a rumored attack on the continental United States by Imperial Japan and the subsequent anti-aircraft artillery barrage which took place from late 24 February to early 25 February 1942, over Los Angeles, California.

It is believed by many Ufologists that, the picture of the attack that was published in the newspaper might have shown an actual extraterrestrial aircraft.
The incident occurred less than three months after the U.S. entered World War II in response to the Imperial Japanese Navy’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor,and one day after the bombardment of Ellwood near Santa Barbara on 23 February.

The 1941 Time Traveler

This black and white photograph is said to be taken in 1941, at the re-opening of the South Forks Bridge in Gold Bridge, Canada.
In the photograph, a man dressed in a modern attire with a camera that looks way more advanced than the cameras available in the 1940s is clearly visible.
The man seems to be wearing clothes from another time period.
He’s dressed in what looks to be a printed T-shirt and weirdly hip sunglasses.
It appears that he walked out of a Depeche Mode concert in 1990 and stepped onto a bridge in British Columbia in 1941.

The photo has been considered by some as proof of the reality of time travel.

The Ghost of Freddy Jackson

The smudgy face that you see behind the army officer wearing the hat here, is said to be the ghost of Freddy Jackson, who was a soldier & airplane mechanic in WW1. 

Sadly,  Freddy died in a horrible accident involving an airplane.
He accidentally walked right into its moving propeller.
That kind of death alone is quite bizarre, a very unusual kind of freak accident, way to go, especially considering he was an experienced air mechanic. 

The facts are that he passed away in 1919, only 2 days before an official group photo of his regiment was booked to be taken.
As it turned out, Freddy’s ghostly image eerily appeared in the photograph two days post mortem.

It has also been reported that this photo has officially been checked by professionals a great deal of times, and they came to the conclusion that no photographic manipulation or anomalies were found.
Having said that, it must be stated that some have suggested it could be a case of double exposure, however there was also overwhelming evidence against this theory. 

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