The cosmic conspiracy : The Universe as we know it does NOT exist

Is the Universe a cosmic joke of a demiurge with enormous programming capacity? Some of the most brilliant philosophies in the history of mankind have suggested that the world is an illusion, like Buddhism, Gnosticism or idealism, to mention just a few of them.(cosmic conspiracy)

cosmic conspiracy

The metaphor of a dream has been fundamentally used to describe this existence in unreality and this cosmological suspicion has now evolved by formulating a new metaphor: the simulation or the computerized construct. Recognize the illusion, how to know that one dreams entering a state of lucidity, is the mark of the initiate, the consciousness that sees itself no longer as an ego but as the illusion itself, the entire universe in an infinite mirror.(cosmic conspiracy)

Following this line of research it is plausible to think that those who perceive the consubstantial illusion of the universe are part of a conspiracy … that which maintains the illusion or those who have access to the programming code.

These initiates could be seen as a sort of agents of the Matrix, some of whom might be able to participate in the design of the program, projecting images of the world over nothing. (Maintains Buddhism through the concept of sunyata, that the reality of things is non-reality, all things are empty and are only mental constructions of our perception). To see this is perhaps the fundamental step of enlightenment: the buddhic state that is equivalent to the awakening of a dream.(cosmic conspiracy)

A few days ago, the scientific dissemination site of Cornell University published a paper on cosmology that claims to prove the inexistence of the universe – or something like a conspiracy that shows that the universe has been designed by a cosmic secret society. The theory is based on the results of the Planck Mission, which show that “all the parameters describing the Universe within the ACDM model can be constructed from a small set of known numbers of the conspiracy theory”.

“Our findings are confirmed by recent data in the physics of high-energy particles. This clearly shows that the universe is a plan initiated by an unknown group or lodge. We analyze possible scenarios for this conspiracy, and conclude that the belief in the existence of our universe is an illusion, as has been previously assumed by ancient philosophers, twentieth-century science fiction authors and contemporary filmmakers. “

The authors Jörg P. Rachen, an astrophysicist who has published research on the results of the Planck mission studying the oldest light in the universe, and Ute G. Gahlings, develop their theory after discovering that the smallest prime number that is the sum of three consecutive prime numbers is 23 = 5 + 7 + 11.(cosmic conspiracy)

cosmic conspiracy

Same number that maintains unusual relations with π and that is also the most important number in the modern theory of the conspiracy, after it appeared in a series of synchronicities to William Burroughs and later to Robert Anton Wilson, author of Illuminatus! Trilogy, who will connect it to a series of telepathic communications issued from the Sirius star system. Sirius is also the origin of the holographic projection of the Logos that simulates reality in the novel VALIS by Philip K. Dick, inspired by an episode of telepathic communication with astral intelligences.(cosmic conspiracy)

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“We consider it possible that the dates of the end of the world events are encrypted in our consciousness. As the predicted date of the day, December 21, 2012, has passed without noticeable effects, and the error is inconceivable, we must conclude that our universe concluded that date, but while They receive an extension of funds and the simulation is restarted with all the experiences of the temporary erased from our memory “ , say the authors

Obviously this paper is a joke of April Fools’ Day, published in a prestigious institution with great humor. But beyond that the theory is intentionally unbridled, parodying conspiracy theories, to think that the universe is an illusion is not something so crazy.(cosmic conspiracy)

The philosopher Nick Bostrom has raised a relatively solid case arguing that our universe could be a holographic computer simulation, at each point lies the entire code. Why not also think that the universe is a joke? Maybe a trickster demiurge, in love with the power of copies .. What do you think about it? Leave your comment below!


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