Video: Discovered a skeleton of a Dragon of 18 meters in China ? Real or fake ?

A huge and mysterious 18-meter-long skeleton of an unidentified creature has been found by the inhabitants of the Chinese city of Zhangjiakou (in Hebei province).(skeleton of a Dragon of 18 meters in China)

skeleton of a Dragon of 18 meters in China

In a video recorded in the northeast of China shows a skeleton of a mysterious specimen that begins with a horned ‘dragon’ skull, which looks like a cow, attached to a spine, ribs, legs and ends in a long tail.

The bones seem to evoke the figure of the mythological dragon protagonist of many Chinese legends and other oriental cultures. The Asian dragon has no wings and ‘flies’ floating in the air. This is the video that has become viral in social networks. Here in video, and then we will show different opinions that can form an idea of ​​if it is a falsification or not.

The bones are placed in perfect condition, the people around them do not show any signs of bad smell and there are grass coming out of the ribs. When an animal dies and decomposes on the grass, it also dies and flies gray.

Another detail is that a strange and large animal had to spend a few days unnoticed in that place without anyone noticing but how can we see in the shot, there are houses no more than 20 meters which makes it even stranger than anyone will notice Your presence.

After further research on local pages we can see that it could be a joke on the part of the locals. Witnesses say the skeleton appeared to be made up of different parts of animals, such as the head of a cow and the rest of the body could be sheep bones.

In 1934, several people recreated this same scene using different parts of animals and the authorities denied it quickly. What do you think? Judge for yourself.

skeleton of a Dragon of 18 meters in China

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