Yevgeny Iosifovich Gaiduchok: The Man Who Travelled Back from 23rd Century And Made Accurate Predictions

It seems that time travelers can only be found on the pages of science fiction works. 
However, the case is different when it comes to Yevgeny Iosifovich Gaiduchok.
The man who traveled from the future, and became a prisoner of the 20th century.

Fatal adventure of the Man from the 23rd Century

Evgeny Iosifovich Gaiduchok got stuck in the 20th century from the distant 23rd century. 
When Evgeny was still quite a boy, he decided to hijack a time machine and take a ride to some exotic antiquity. 
He tagged a girl along with himself, for the sake of whose sympathy, in fact, he started this adventure, he rushed through the worlds and centuries.
However, the adventure turned fatal for the duo.
In the 30s of the XX century, the time machine crashed. 
The duo was seized with horror, as they soon realized that the damaged machine was capable of lifting only one of them, and whether it had enough energy to fly back to the XXIII century was completely impossible to foresee.
The choice was not rich, and therefore the twelve-year-old boy pushed the roaring girl into the miracle machine.
He asked her to return with help and sent her back to the future. 
He thought that if another accident happened, it would at least be closer to its time and far away from our barbarian era.
Neither did the help ever come, nor he waited for it.
Yevgeny Iosifovich Gaiduchok turned out to be lucky and soon the young wanderer was adopted by good people.
He began to master a new life which, in his own words, he hated at first. Only for the first time in his life, having ridden a bicycle, the captive of our time, realized that here too there can be little joys.
At the age of fifteen, Yevgeny entered the book apprenticeship school at the Leningrad House of Books, worked as a seller in the department of literature of exact sciences and technology. 
He got the opportunity to meet Boris Oleinik, Yuri Lebedinsky, Boris Korneev, Yuri Olesha, Mikhail Bulgakov, Mark Bernes, Klavdia Shulzhenko. 
He knew Samuel Marshak well, and once, ironically, he even talked to the author of The Time Machine, Herbert Wells.

Predictions made by Yevgeny Iosifovich Gaiduchok

Yevgeny Iosifovich Gaiduchok: The Man Who Travelled Back from 23rd Century And Made Accurate Predictions

A couple of years later, Yevgeny went to Siberia and learned what Stalinism was, which he could perfectly remember from his school history course.
There were many political prisoners in the camp cell, but the main contingent was made up of semi-literate men.
Every evening, he would bring a whole heap of newspaper scraps to the cell, and the inmates patiently waited for him to compose a full-fledged picture from this mosaic and start providing political information.
After a while, Yevgeny completely understood what was happening in the country.
His Knowledge of history served the time traveler well.
Recalling the true goals of Stalin and Hitler, he could read a lot “between the lines.” 
The skills of the artist also helped and suggested that almost everyone could paint more or less decently in the century from which he came from.
Yevgeny Iosifovich Gaiduchk was entrusted to head the editorial board of the camp, and he began to issue slogans, posters, and wall newspapers with the ideologically correct content. 
Two years later, he was convicted.
Soon, however, the winter war with Finland began, and the former convict was drafted into the army. 

The first place of service for him was an aviation service battalion stationed near Baku. 
The Soviets seriously feared that the British would start bombing the Caucasian oil fields, but Yevgeny Iosifovich Gaiduchok, remembering that Great Britain was an ally of the USSR in World War II, reasonably argued that “Churchill would not dare, and Stalin would not allow it,” putting an appropriate ideological basis under it.

Knowledge from the future also helped to orientate on the fateful Sunday of 1941.
On the morning of June 22, when the entire officer corps was still in a state of shock, Sergeant Gaiduchok was already lecturing the soldiers about “German bestial fascism.”
Later, he became a political instructor.
In his new position, Gaiduchok was known as an excellent analyst and the “calculation” of the further moves of the warring parties became his crown number.

Yevgeny Iosifovich Gaiduchok: The Man Who Travelled Back from 23rd Century And Made Accurate Predictions

When the war began, Eugene accurately named the date of its end.
After the Great Patriotic War, Yevgeny Iosifovich Gaiduchok settled in one of the towns in the area known for its anomalous phenomena of the Medveditskaya ridge, which is on the border of the Saratov and Volgograd regions. 

He worked there for a long time as the director of at the local history museum, at which even foreigners came to see a unique collection.
Yevgeny created and headed the museum of local lore, from 1970–1980s in one of the halls of the museum hung a very long “Tape of Time” – a multimeter paper scroll depicting the main events of world history – from stone to the XXI century.
He wrote poems about mobile communications and the Internet. Back then, even visionaries did not take these things seriously.

Yevgeny Iosifovich Gaiduchok died in 1991. 
It is strange to realize this paradox, but he passed away two centuries before his birth

Memories of the future

Researcher Vadim Chernobrov and journalist Ekaterina Golovina even conducted a journalistic investigation about him.
In 1985, Yevgeny arrives in Moscow to meet with Vadim Chernobrov, who is now a well-known researcher of paranormal phenomena.
Only for him, Yevgeny decided to tell his secret: he is from the future.

“I am from the 23rd century.”

Yevgeny Iosifovich Gaiduchok

When Vadim asked why Yevgeny came to him, he replied that he had read about the time machine in the works of Vadim.
That was news for Vadim because at that time he didn’t have any works about the time machine (there was only an article in the editorial office).
All Vadims works about this technology appeared later.

Chernobrov and Golovina met with fellow soldiers of Yevgeny Iosifovich Gaiduchok, who recalled several episodes where their political instructor acted as a real clairvoyant. 
For example, a couple of days before the start of the war, he told his friends who had gathered for dismissal that “they will not have time for this on Sunday.” 
Just a few days later, when one of them, considering Yevgeny Iosifovich Gaiduchok something like a fortune-teller, literally got him by asking about the date of the victory, he also named this cherished number

After that, he immediately gained his reputation as a prophet and his fellow soldiers were too confident of their victory. 
His brother-soldier also confirmed Gaiduchka’s phenomenal analytical abilities.

Gaiduchok showed similar sagacity when he “predicted” Yeltsin’s presidency, the collapse of the USSR, the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, and the tragic events in Georgia, Chechnya, and Yugoslavia. 
This was back in the days when the word “perestroika” was associated with everyone only with repair and construction work. 
However, no one believed these strange prophecies for that time either.

Yevgeny Iosifovich’s daughter showed Ekaterina Golovina her father’s curious work – about 20 posters made in the style of “ROSTA Windows”, that is, drawings with verses. 
Gaiduchok combined them into one album and eloquently titled “Our city in the XXI century.”

The woman also remembered the strange fairy tales that her father sometimes told her as a child. 
The plots of these fairy tales were like science fiction. 
One of his memories is a dwarf wearing a spacesuit. 
This tale was told in the late 1940s when in practice there was no question of any spacesuits.

Friends recalled that Yevgeny Iosifovich Gaiduchok sometimes started stories about how the Earth looks from space, how the perception of an astronaut plowing the Universe changes, how aliens adapt to our conditions.
Due to this, some considered him a dreamer, some an eccentric, but perhaps these were just memories of the future.

Once, Yevgeny Iosifovich mentioned why after the war he decided to settle in a small town on the Medveditskaya ridge. 
According to him, this sparsely populated town by the XXIII century will become a large metropolis-spaceport with an emphasis on time travel. 
This city will become the site of a new St. Petersburg: the old one will go underwater in the future and will be evacuated to these steppe regions.

In support of his words, Yevgeny told Vadim about the collapse of the USSR, about President Yeltsin, about the war in Yugoslavia.
Back then Vadim doubted in man words, but now, when everything has come true, there is no doubt left – he was a guest from the future.

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