“Extraterrestrial contact is inevitable and imminent” say scientists

Cathal D. O’Connell, a researcher at the University of Melbourne, has revealed that the discovery of life and extraterrestrial contact is inevitable and imminent.(Extraterrestrial contact is inevitable and imminent)

Extraterrestrial contact is inevitable and imminent

He has mentioned that several discoveries in recent decades have made the possibilities of extraterrestrial life more realistic. He is convinced that the perfect conditions for life could be duplicated somewhere in this universe.

“Extraterrestrial life, that familiar sci-fi blunder, that kitsch fantasy, that CGI nightmare, has become a matter of serious discussion, a risk factor, a real scenario.”

“Because, following a series of important discoveries from the last two decades, the idea of ​​extraterrestrial life is not as unlikely as it used to seem. The discovery now seems inevitable and possibly imminent. “

In his writing, O’Connell has revealed that astronomers have cataloged thousands of planets orbiting several stars and, interestingly, many of them have their position in the habitable zone where temperatures are mild enough for liquid water to exist. on the surface.(Extraterrestrial contact is inevitable and imminent)

O’Connell believes that there could even be a planet similar to Earth in orbit around Proxima Centauri, the neighboring star closest to the solar system.

“Only four light years away, that system could be close enough for us to reach through the use of current technology. With the Breakthrough Starshot project launched by Stephen Hawking in 2016 and the plans for this are already underway. “

O’Connell reveals that life is able to survive even in environments that may seem difficult for humans. According to the researcher at the University of Melbourne, life can be found in a lake of sulfuric acid, inside barrels of nuclear waste, in superheated water at 122 degrees Celsius and in the sterile lands of Antarctica.(Extraterrestrial contact is inevitable and imminent)

The researcher also adds that Mars was once a perfect place to house life. He believes that the presence of methane in the Martian atmosphere could be proof of the presence of extraterrestrial life there.

Extraterrestrial contact is inevitable and imminent

This naturally brings us even closer to what we have said so many times on our website, not only that there was intelligent life on Mars but adapted to today’s climatology by that nuclear war thousands of years ago, Mars was attacked by a supposedly hostile race which left in it that race that today coexists with ours on the Red Planet.

“Today, Mars still has liquid water underground.” “A gas strongly associated with life on Earth, methane, has already been found in the Martian atmosphere, and at levels that mysteriously rise and fall with the seasons. Martian insects may appear as soon as possible. When the rover from ExoMars Rosalind Franklin looks for them with a two-meter exercise. “

These words are the closest to a situation in which you do not want to mention and you want to keep in the strictest secret of life on Mars as we know ours here on Planet Earth.

Without a doubt, O’Connell’s statement seems incredible and unimaginable. That a scientist assures us that we are at the door of the first extraterrestrial contact, affirming it so emphatically, seems to be a challenge to the very scientific community, which has been telling us for some time that the only intelligent civilization in the universe is ours.

This statement makes us feel that this great contact is very close and we hope that the words of this scientist named O’Connell, will not remain mere speculations, although at this moment a massive march begins to discredit the words of someone that at the moment is deduced that has privileged information about this massive contact.

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Naturally, many lovers of conspiracy theories assure us that the scientist of the University of Melbourne, what he is doing is preparing us for that meeting, which in turn coincide in the theory and leaks that he receives.

Avi Loeb, director of the department of astronomy of Harvard and one of the advisers of the project Breakthrough Listen, who at the beginning of this year assured that there are extraterrestrial ships between us, including one or more near Jupiter.

And that is why the silent war once again we have over our heads, that over time everything we believe in and filter out is fulfilled for the moment with the words of prestigious scientists, without caring perhaps for their jobs and reputation.

But the truth is that as well said a great friend of mine, who knows, maybe the extraterrestrials take time between us, and are preparing for a silent invasion if they are not already doing with the planted New Social Order. It’s only a matter of time to know what will happen … Do not you think?

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