NASA Hubble Telescope finds amazing cross structure at centre of galaxy

The fascinating image captured by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope looks a lot like a cross. Some are convinced that this point in the center of a distant galaxy is the gateway to heaven.

According to,  which published the image for the first time, the cross is due to “absorption by dust and marks the exact position of a black hole that can have a mass equivalent to a million stars like the sun”.

The size of the image is 1100 light years from Earth, ( cross structure at center of galaxy)

The photo was taken for the first time by the wide-field planetary camera on the famous telescope and launched by the space agency in June 1992. The image recently resurfaced on the conspiracy website.( cross structure at centre of galaxy)

 cross structure at centre of galaxy  explains: “The edge bull not only prevents the black hole and the accretion disk from being seen directly from the Earth but also determines the axis of a high-speed plasma jet and limits the radiation of the disk. accretion to a pair of light cones from the opposite direction, which ionize the gas trapped in its beam “.
Some claim that the captivating image could prove the existence of heaven.

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