Killed to not tell the truth? The Mystery Death of Three Astronauts in 1967

This conspiracy theory is surprisingly little known, and many Americans, and especially people from other countries, have never heard of it at all. According to the conspiracy therapists, this indicates the authorities’ attempts to erase the incident from history.(Mystery Death of Three Astronauts)

The very first manned flight of the Apollo program occurred in October 1968 on the ship Apollo-7. But initially, this flight was to take place a year earlier in February 1967 on the ship Apollo-1.

However, during the preparation for the launch, a fire occurred in the module with the astronauts and all three astronauts first suffocated and then their bodies were damaged by fire. Their names were Virgill Grissom, Edward Higgins White and Roger Chaffee.(Mystery Death of Three Astronauts)

Mystery Death of Three Astronauts

Two years after this accident, the Apollo 11 crew went with the astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins to the moon. If the astronauts from the Apollo 1 were not killed in the fire, one of them would definitely be in the crew of the Apollo 11.(Mystery Death of Three Astronauts)

So, according to the conspiracy theorists, still at the stage of preparing for the flight of the Apollo 1, his crew informed that in fact no preparation for the lunar mission was conducted, and the entire mission with the landing of the Apollo 11 crew on the moon would film studios on Earth.

And it really didn’t please Grissom, White, and Chaffee, they felt deceived and perhaps even let slip that they would tell someone about it. And so they decided to remove, causing a fire.(Mystery Death of Three Astronauts)

Mystery Death of Three Astronauts

The credibility of this version adds such details that soon after the fire, another 10 Apollo employees died under strange circumstances. These were mainly accidents, fires and car accidents.

One of these victims was Thomas Byron, Apollo Security Officer, who died in a car accident in April 1967, 2 months after the death of three astronauts. He was near his home in a car with his wife and stepdaughter, when a train that came off the rails hit them and killed all three of them instantly.(Mystery Death of Three Astronauts)

And just a week before his death, Byron was summoned to Congress, where he was interrogated about the incident with Apollo I. 

Mystery Death of Three Astronauts

It is also known that Byron personally prepared a large report on how the burned-out module and other equipment of NASA was arranged, but how this report was adopted is unknown. It is possible that Byron found out that an intentional killing of astronauts happened and therefore he was decided to be removed.

By the way, the cause of that terrible fire in the Apollo 1 module was never found. What is really quite strange. There were only versions of a random spark or short circuit in the wiring, but the official commission could not confirm or deny these versions. 

In this case, the death of the astronauts was almost instantaneous, they suffocated to death by burning products in just 14 seconds. Humane death, almost euthanasia. 

Mystery Death of Three Astronauts

The relatives of Grissom at one time were dissatisfied with the results of the NASA investigation and are still confident that something is unclean. (Mystery Death of Three Astronauts)

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“I think that there was an act of sabotage, the thought about it lodged in my head,” says Scott Grissom, son of the deceased astronaut

“What was discovered as a result of the investigation was very similar to something arranged with the participation of the CIA or someone else. I am sure that it was a deliberate crime,” Grissom’s widow, Betty, echoed to her son.

Many conspiracy theorists believe that it was Grissom who wanted to tell the whole world that NASA wants to remove a fake about landing on the moon. They base these conclusions because of his persistent nature, the impatience of even small lies and other personal traits. 

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  1. richard hoagland proved that illuminati-freemason satanic nazi occultists secretly run nasa and much more: gus grissom and crew were burned alive in ritual sacrifice for what they ALREADY disclosed at an unauthorized press conference, where gus depicted apollo’s prospects by sticking a lemon ((‘lousy vehicle) on a coat hangar (‘Abort!’) to form an inverted eye and pyramid symbol

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