The Mysterious Disappearance Of Granger Taylor: Man Who Established Contact With Aliens

A Canadian man named Granger Taylor lived in the town of Duncan. on the island of Vancouver, and from childhood was obsessed with mechanics and auto mechanics. At the age of 14, he dropped out of school to build an old single-cylinder car from scratch, which is now in the local forest museum. 

There is also a locomotive in the museum, which Taylor found abandoned in the forest and restored to working condition. At 17, he rebuilt a bulldozer that none of the adults could repair, and years later built an exact copy of the fighter from the Second World War, which was then sold to a private collection for 20 thousand dollars. 

In general, Granger Taylor was definitely a unique person, very talented, diligent, and collected. But then he became interested in UFOs. He was so obsessed with the principle of flying a flying saucer, that he devoted himself to create one. 

Soon, he built his own “Flying Saucer” in the yard of his parents home, which he built from two satellite dishes. This “Flying Saucer” became his “dacha”, when he equipped a wood-burning stove there, put a sofa and a TV set. He often spent time there, sometimes he even slept in it at night. 

This “Flying Saucer” now stands in the same place as a kind of monument to Granger Taylor.

Shortly before his strange disappearance, Taylor began to talk about how he made contact with aliens, and they told him about their technology. And after a while, he began to tell all his friends and acquaintances that he would soon go on a trip on a spaceship to newcomers.

According to one of his friends, Taylor contacted the aliens through mental contact and immediately received an invitation from them to explore the Solar System with them. 

One night in November 1980, he left a note for his parents and disappeared without a trace. Despite the investigation, he was never found alive or dead, and there was no clue what happened to him.

And in his note it was written this:

Dear Mother And Father

I Have Gone Away To Walk Aboard An Alien Space Ship, As Recurring Dreams Assured A 42 Month Interstellar Voyage To Explore The Vast Universe, Then Return

I Am Leaving Behind All My Possessions To You As I Will No Longer Will Require. The Use Of Any. Please Use The Instructions In My Will As A Guide To Help


Taylor’s things mainly consisted of old cars and tractors that covered the entire yard. 

On the night Granger disappeared, a violent storm raged on the island of Vancouver with hurricane winds. This subsequently radically complicated the search for a man and not even a trace of his pickup truck was found, on which he left home. 

The term of 42 months expired in May 1984, but Taylor never returned. Ufologists believe that Taylor was indeed taken voluntarily by aliens, and he could not return for various reasons – maybe he was so struck by what he saw, and he decided to continue traveling around the universe, or maybe he had died somewhere by accident.

Skeptics were convinced that after a storm, Taylor could have an accident, roll into a ditch, or crash, falling off a cliff. 

In 1986, a place was found on Mount Prevost, near Duncan, where some explosion had occurred several years earlier. And in its center were found the bones of an unknown man. Unfortunately, DNA tests in those years were not yet so common, but the coroner for bone analysis concluded that the deceased was of the same age, sex, race, and height as Granger Taylor. A piece of cloth among the bones was very similar in pattern to Taylor’s favorite shirt.

Next to the bones were found the remains of a truck and it was identified as similar to the Taylor pickup. Thus, the Taylor case was officially closed.

However, many of Taylor’s friends did not agree with this, they are confident that the police’s findings are only indirect, and their friend either stayed in space or was abducted by the US government.

The cause of the explosion on Mount Prevaux remains unclear. Taylor knew how to handle explosives, so this could be a suicide, but friends and parents assured that Taylor had no inclination to this and nothing in his appearance and behavior in the days before his disappearance indicated depression.

Taylor’s best friend, Robert Keller, says that the police worked very carelessly and that they wrote that the remains of the truck found on the mountain are Taylor’s blue pickup truck. However, Keller assures that the Taylor pickup was not at all blue, but pink with stripes. 

“What they found there was not Granger’s truck and they have no idea whether his bones or someone else’s,” Keller sums up. 

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  1. The truck wasn’t Granger’s, wasn’t even theright colour. The truck they found was blue, Granger’s was pink and white, hard to forget a pink and white truck. I used to call it the pink piggy.

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