9000 years old town in Jerusalem discovered by archaeologists

The archaeologists have discovered a 9000 years old town in Jerusalem and they are calling it the “Big Bang” of Neolithic Israel.

9000 years old town in Jerusalem

A huge prehistoric settlement, one of the largest of its kind in the region, has been discovered during archaeological excavations carried out as a preliminary to the construction of a highway near modern Motza, a neighborhood on the western edge of Jerusalem, Israel.

According to Dr. Hamoudi Khalaily and Dr. Jacob Vardi, excavation directors of Motza on behalf of the Antiquities Authority, “this is the first time a settlement of this magnitude has been discovered in Israel. At least 2,000 to 3,000 residents lived here-an order of magnitude that resembles a city today. “(9000 years old town in Jerusalem)

9000 years old town in Jerusalem

The works on the site exposed large buildings, including rooms that were used for living, as well as public facilities and places of worship. Between the buildings, the alleys were exposed, which demonstrates the advanced level of village planning. In buildings, plaster was sometimes used to create floors and seal different installations.

According to the researchers, “in a place where people live, there are also dead: the burial places have been exposed in and between the houses, where several burial offerings have been placed – be they useful or precious objects – that it is believed that they serve the deceased in the other world ».

9000 years old town in Jerusalem

These gifts attest to the fact that already during this ancient period, the residents of this site carried out exchange relations with faraway places. In the tombs they found, among other things, unique objects of an unknown type of stone, as well as objects of Anatolian obsidian, and seashells, some of which were brought from the Mediterranean Sea and others from the Red Sea. During the excavations, handmade stone bracelets were found in various styles.(9000 years old town in Jerusalem)

“Due to the size of the bracelets, we estimate that they were used mainly by children,” the researchers say. “We also found carefully worked alabaster beads, as well as medallions and mother-of-pearl bracelets.”

9000 years old town in Jerusalem

In all excavation areas, many fabricated flint tools were unearthed, including thousands of arrowheads that were used for hunting and possibly also for fighting, axes used for felling trees, and knives and leaves. sickle.

In the village, storage sheds were exposed, which contained a large number of legumes, especially lentils. The fact that the seeds were preserved is amazing in light of the age of the site. This finding is proof of an intensive practice of agriculture. In addition, it can be concluded that the Neolithic Revolution reached its peak at that time: the bones of animals found in the place show that the residents of the town specialized more and more in the breeding of sheep, while the use of hunting for Survival gradually decreased.

Jacob Vardi 9000 years old town in Jerusalem
Jacob Vardi, director of the excavation in Motza, shows the remains of weapons discovered next to a skeleton in a Bronze Age tomb.

According to the researchers, “the exhibition of the huge deposit of Motza arouses great interest in the scientific world, changing what is known about the Neolithic in that area.”

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“Until now, it was believed that the Judean area was empty and that sites of that size existed only on the other side of the Jordan River, or in the north of the Levant. Instead of an uninhabited area of ​​that time, we have found a complex site, where there were various economic means of subsistence and all these only several tens of centimeters below the surface. All the findings were recorded using innovative three-dimensional technology so that we can continue investigating the site at the end of the excavation as well, “they conclude.

Source: Daily Mail / Israel News.

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