The Extraterrestrial Woman who came to Japan in 1803

For many, it is only a local legend, but for others, it is a real UFO encounter that occurred on the coasts of Japan in the past.

The story goes like this: It begins on February 22, 1803. On that day the fishermen of Kohaku Cove, located in Hitachi Province in Japan, as always, were ready to go out to sea to seek their livelihood. However, that would not be any working day … Stuck on the shore of a beach was an enigmatic object with the shape of a covered rice pot, which they later called utsuro-bune (hollow boat).

Curious about that strange sighting, they came up to explore it, pushed him inland and began to mount on top of him. It had 330 cm of altitude by 540 cm of width. Its upper part was made of material similar to rosewood, and red lacquer, while the lower part was covered with metal plates, perhaps to protect it from sharp reefs.
The ceiling had seemingly glass windows and they were coated with something resembling the tree resin. However, they were transparent enough to see what was inside. Through them, they were able to distinguish, on the inner walls, inscriptions of an unknown language.

But more surprises awaited them … Finally, when they were able to enter the cabin, they discovered a pair of sheets, a bottle of water (about 3.6 liters), two cakes (at least it seemed) and meat paste. Of course, all a find of an unprecedented boat, but one that was much more shocking: A beautiful young woman, 18 or 20 years of appearance, watched them smiling.
The girl was distinguished of any Japanese woman of the time by its striking hair and red eyebrows. The clothes she wore were of a material that the fishermen described as “very beautiful,” which they had never seen. It was she who broke the ice and spoke to them, but as their language was unknown, they could not understand what she was saying. They also noticed that she was constantly embracing a small box,

It is said that the girl spent some time living with the fishing community, but after a while, she was accused of being involved with a married man, so they finally decided to return her and the object to the sea and the fishermen continued their daily lives.

Today, this story is considered a legend of the Tokugawa era, when Japan was isolated from the rest of the world, but there are those who say that it is a valuable testimony of an old contact of the third type because illustrations have been made In Japanese books of 1825 and 1844.

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