A woman claims to have found a mysterious artifact with extraterrestrial writing

Meteorites with remains of unknown life forms, metallic details of unknown alloys, spheres that possess unique physical properties: how to explain the appearance of all these amazing artifacts on our planet? Many scientists favor a completely logical explanation and believe that such findings are not of extraterrestrial origin, and quite possibly are natural creations or evidence that ancient civilizations possessed more knowledge than we think.(mysterious artifact)

Others find such explanations frivolous and consider them as an attempt to hide the truth, that the mysterious objects are in fact the definitive proof that extraterrestrial civilizations visited our planet thousands of years ago. Whatever the truth, some of the discoveries were made by ordinary people in various parts of the world. To mention one, one of the most important puzzles of the twentieth century is the metal sphere of the Betz family. In March 1974, there was a great fire on the property of the Betz family. The fire destroyed more than 35 forest hectares. When the family decided to investigate, he discovered a strange silver ball. The spherical diameter was about 20 centimeters and weighing 9.6 kilos. No one has been able to know its true origin. And this brings us to the story of today, in which a woman has found what appears to be a mysterious object with strange inscriptions engraved on it.

The mysterious alien object

Paranormal researcher Paul Dale Roberts of the HPI Paranormal organization in Sacramento, California, recently received a call from a woman named Stephanie Fuller. She said his partner, a community maintenance worker, had discovered a very strange object or a mysterious artifact while cleaning the house of a recently killed World War II veteran. The man suffered from Diogenes syndrome and it is not clear how he got the object.

“The article was found in an apartment in Independence, Missouri,” Stephanie said. “My fiance, Justin Norman, worked in maintenance in the apartments. A man with Diogenes syndrome had died, but it took several days to realize. No one but Justin could stand the smell of cleaning the place and the man had no one to leave his things to, so we could keep the smaller ones. It’s not an extraordinary story anyway, but Justin says he was a World War II veteran and was in the reserve. ”

alien writing artifact - A woman claims to have found a mysterious artifact with extraterrestrial writing

As you can see in the images provided by Roberts in the forum of his organization, the mysterious object is a fragment of metal, similar to a dagger, adorned with strange symbols and peculiar properties. After studying the artifact, Stephanie discovered the story of Sergeant Major James Norton, who is 1977 had a strange encounter with a UFO in Fort Benning, Georgia.

On September 14 of the same year, a group of soldiers had participated in a shooting practice, when several spheres appeared in the sky, followed by a large triangular ship that remained in the sky for a few minutes. Soon after, many of the soldiers present ended up getting sick and some of them reported having suffered lost time periods. One of the spheres fell nearby and Norton managed to recover a small fragment, which was decorated with strange symbols. Subsequently, Norton took a picture before burying the artifact in his property. Thanks to this photograph, available on the Internet, Stephanie was able to compare the mysterious artifact found by her partner.

Both the story and the images of Stephanie have been shared in various conspiracy forums, where some users pointed out a strange resemblance with an object used in the 2002 science fiction miniseries of Steven Spielberg Taken ‘. (You can see the photos here ). While it is true that the object of the miniseries can explain what Stephanie’s boyfriend found, what about the piece of the spacecraft that Norton claimed to have collected 25 years earlier in 1977?

artifact with extraterrestrial writing - A woman claims to have found a mysterious artifact with extraterrestrial writing

Unless Steven Spielberg had access to it and used it as an Easter egg or Easter egg, it is completely impossible for them to have any relationship. Although there is another possibility, and that is that Spielberg has information that we do not know. There are many conspiracy theorists who say that the popular American film has been used to prepare people for extraterrestrial contact through some of his films, such as “Encounters in the third phase.”

What do you think of the mysterious object? Is it of extraterrestrial origin? Or do you have another explanation?

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