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Ancient Spiritual Entities Are UFOs Not Aliens, Says Tucker Carlson

American conservative journalist Tucker Carlson, who recently became famous for his interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, shared his views on the UFO issue in a recent Joe Rogan video podcast.

According to Carlson, in fact, in the strange unidentified objects often observed in the sky, it is not aliens from distant planets that may be flying, but some “spiritual entities” that have probably inhabited our Earth for thousands of years.

Ancient Spiritual Entities Are UFOs Not Aliens, Says Tucker Carlson

“There’s a lot of evidence that they live under the ocean and underground. And they’ve been here for a long time,” Carlson said in a three-hour conversation with Rogan.

“They are from here (Earth), and they have been here for thousands of years, whoever they are. And it is very clear to me that they are ‘spiritual beings,’ whatever that means.”

Carlson went on to say that these creatures are supernatural because they are “above observable nature” and “do not behave by the laws of science.”

Tucker Carlson has long been interested in the topic of UFOs and his interest in ufology is only growing. Earlier, he said in another podcast that a UFO had killed “hundreds of US military personnel,” based on his conversations with Dr. Harry Nolan. 

“[In] a number of cases, these things (UFOs) have landed on military bases. … Military personnel have approached them and they have suffered traumatic brain injuries or been killed. Why isn’t this on the front page of the New York Times? I don’t I know,” Carlson said.

Nolan, on behalf of the Pentagon, at one time investigated many cases where, after UFO sightings, American employees, as well as military pilots, faced various brain damage.

True, Nolan never wrote in his report or officially told anyone that brain injuries led to the death of these people, much less many deaths. But maybe in a personal conversation with Carlson, he shared secret information. So Carlson’s words came as a bolt from the blue.

Ancient Spiritual Entities Are UFOs Not Aliens, Says Tucker Carlson

A Pentagon spokesman immediately stated that Tucker Carlson’s words about the death of many US military personnel were lies. “This story is false,” Ministry of Defense spokeswoman Susan Gough said on Twitter. The Pentagon simply refused to comment further.

However, Tucker did not abandon the discussion of UFOs after this and in his next interview with David Grush again raised the topic of the death or harm of Americans due to their connection with government UFO research programs.

Grash confirmed to him that there had indeed been cases of physical harm, including murder, but did not give details. At the same time, he stated that he felt that his life was in danger. And his wife’s life too.

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