The Mystery of Mount Urraca

The Mystery Of Mount Urraca – Is There a Portal

In the north of the American state of New Mexico there is a small table mountain called Urraca Mesa, which is associated with many strange stories, legends and tales.

Various tribes of Indians settled around this mountain for thousands of years – Navajo, Apache, Pueblo (aka Anasazi) and in the folklore of each of them the mountain is indicated as a place where strange and frightening things constantly happen.

Especially many stories tell about the sudden mysterious disappearance of the Pueblo tribe several hundred years ago. Even historians still don’t know what happened to them. Either they were killed by other tribes, or they fled hastily, in fear of someone, or… in general, there are many hypotheses.

The Mystery Of Mount Urraca - Is There a Portal

The Mystery Of Mount Urraca

Shamans say that in those days, on the top of Urraca, a fierce battle took place between people and evil entities from the Underworld. And many people died in that battle, including all the Anasazi, before the people finally won and drove the spirits back underground, and sealed the entrance.

Allegedly, since then, somewhere on the top of Urrac there has been a hidden portal to some other world. And it is almost impossible to find it, because it is not visible to the average person. But from time to time something still leaks out from there. 

In 2003, the story of a tourist who went alone to the top of Urraca, pitched a tent there and fell asleep, became popular online. At night he was awakened by a heavy downpour and when he looked outside to look at the elements, a completely different and much more frightening sight appeared before his eyes.

He saw how a vertical blue line appeared about a meter from the ground, which then “collapsed like a curtain” and riders on horses jumped out of this “portal”, looking like classic Indians from old westerns.

The tourist was terribly scared and ran away in a panic, leaving all his things behind. And then he crashed into a barbed wire cattle fence, was badly injured and nearly bled to death, he said. What happened to those riders later, he did not know.

The Mystery Of Mount Urraca - Is There a Portal

Also, messages from other curious tourists who dare to climb to the top of Urraca appear on the network from time to time. And they said that they saw an old Indian shaman there, including sometimes glowing with a blue light, or blue balls floating in the air.

Michael Connelly’s book “Riders in the Sky: Ghosts and Legends of the Philmont Scout Ranch” tells how a herd of ghostly horses was repeatedly seen in the area of ​​Mount Urraca, and that a boy scout disappeared without a trace on the mountain in the 1940s. 

Since then, tourists have sometimes reported the ghostly silhouette of a boy in a scout uniform crying loudly in the evenings and trying to approach their campfire. And when people try to help him, the boy groans, “I can’t,” and disappears.

There have also been reports of sightings of “demonic creatures” at the top of Urraca, including a pitch-black figure the size of a 7-year-old child who obsessively watches tourists while hiding behind trees.

Others claimed that they came across strange people “in outdated clothes,” as well as animals whose appearance did not look quite normal.  

There is even an opinion that the portal on Mount Urraca, with its strong energy field, influences the genotype of local animals and plants, changing them, disfiguring and crippling them. 

Serious scientists also tried to study Urrac’s anomalies. In 1968, geologist F. Leo Misaki came here and found out that there is a lot of iron and magnetite here, which could explain why lightning is so often seen here during thunderstorms, as well as the nature of the mysterious blue glow in the air. However, Misaki ultimately concluded that “there is no simple explanation for these geochemical anomalies.”

On that part of the mountain, which has the shape of a high and almost exactly vertical rock, there are many geoglyphs left here many centuries ago by local Indians. Alas, it is impossible to find photos of these drawings on the Internet, but it is claimed that some of them depict strange “non-human” creatures.

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