An Artificial Intelligence discovers extraterrestrial signal from deep space

AI (Artificial Intelligence) … Is there something I can not do? In addition to learning to feel human emotions and, in general, to disturb the nightmares and thoughts of any rational person with a vision of the future, artificial intelligence has now officially joined the search for aliens by detecting an extraterrestrial signal.

This use of AI is already generating results, as a new set of mysterious extraterrestrial signal from deep space was detected by a revolutionary new machine learning algorithm, better known as “an intelligent computer program that will soon ‘enslave’ humanity “ .. Humans are better than machines … or are machines more than humans?

Perhaps we feel sorry for ourselves as we gaze in amazement and horror at the infinite wisdom of our future supreme lords. However, the lifting of the AI will end, and this news is at least a bit of hope for us to discover alien life before we become human batteries.

Scientists with Breakthrough Listen have used a powerful new machine learning algorithm (AI) to analyze a data set made in 2017 with the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia. While researchers had previously felt that all important discoveries had already been extracted from this data, Berkeley Ph.D. student, Gerry Zhang, convinced this AI network to discover 72 new extraterrestrial signal that were not originally detected in the analysis of the data of this Green Bank Telescope.

This discovery already shows that artificial intelligence could revolutionize the search for alien life. Who knows, the overlooked evidence may exist in previously analyzed data. “Not all discoveries come from new observations,” says Pete Worden, executive director of Breakthrough Listen and other innovative initiatives, “in this case, it was an intelligent and original thought applied to an existing data set. Our knowledge of one of the most tempting mysteries of astronomy has advanced. 

The mystery Worden refers to is FRB 121102, one of the most active sources of rapid and inexplicable radio bursts.

While many astronomers believe that these explosions are caused by natural sources, others still harbor the hope that they may be alien in nature. FRB 121102, a source of radio waves about 3 billion light-years away in the Auriga constellation, has been observed emitting bright pulses of radio emission since 2016.

Could it be a distant civilization trying to make the first contact, or is it just noise? The death of a neutron star … as always? An incredibly intelligent computer will probably solve these questions soon, just before sending the Terminators to do their thing .. Do not you think? Leave your comment below!

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