Archaeologists Found 2500 years old 13 wooden coffins in Egypt

An enigmatic batch of at least 13 completely sealed, 2500 years old wooden coffins have been discovered in the Saqqara necropolis, near Memphis (Ancient capital of Egypt).

Archaeologists Found 2500 years old 13 wooden coffins in Egypt

The recently found batch of coffins is quite special in comparison to the hundreds buried in the tomb complex.
What makes these coffins unique is that they have been remained intact through the millennia, remaining completely sealed and as they were deposited in their time.

As reported by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the discovery took place in burial pit 11, about 11 meters under the desert sand. 
The coffins were stacked one on top of the other and all retain the original color in which they were painted.

Archaeologists Found 2500 years old 13 wooden coffins in Egypt

Three sealed niches were also found inside the pit. 
Additionally, Minister Khaled Al-Anami said there is a possibility of more coffins being discovered inside the pit.

Saqqara necropolis is important due to the remains of funerary complexes, erected by the pharaohs of the Old Kingdom and a large number of tombs of nobles.
It was looted since ancient times, hence the discovery of something completely sealed and intact is unique.

Archaeologists Found 2500 years old 13 wooden coffins in Egypt

Not only the high rankers and officials were buried there along with a luxurious trousseau but also people from the middle and working classes buried their deceased in the necropolis.
Although the latter is more likely to be found due to their elaborate tombs.

The names and identities of the people buried in the 2500 years old wooden coffins are still not known. 
But excavation work at the site continues and this information is expected to be released soon, and so does the total number of coffins inside the pit.

Meanwhile, the Ministry is preparing to release a series of promotional videos about the discovery soon:

Egypt reopened cultural tourism to museums and archaeological sites on September 1, so there will surely be more announcements of this style in the coming days and weeks, as the government is working to renew tourism interest after the coup by the Coronavirus pandemic

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