Astravidya: The Ancient mysterious weapons As Powerful As nuclear bombs

Researchers and archaeologists from around the world tend to look into the past in search of secret knowledge.
So, with every ancient civilization which had a rich knowledge, an unconvincing hypothesis is always associated. 
The same goes for the Harappan civilization.
One of the most intriguing mysteries of India is Astravidya.

Astravidya - The Ancient Mysterious Weapons As Powerful As Nuclear Bombs
Indus Valley Civilization

It is believed that Aryans had the access to the mysterious weapon (in another version of the interpretation, they knew the science of using the powerful weapon), the possession of which was attributed to the Harappans.
In the ancient Indian epic, the irresistible heavenly weapon is described as follows: 

“It will kill embryos in women and can strike countries and people for several generations.”

The use of Astravidya is accompanied by the bright flash of light and fire, devouring all living things and destroying buildings over a large area.
Brahmastra was the celestial weapon crafted by the Lord Brahma himself and was used in the historical battle of Mahabharata.
In the Mahabharata era Sage Agnivesha, Drona, Arjuna, and Ashwatthama (only Arjuna got the knowledge to release the Astra and retract it) while all the other three possessed the knowledge only to invoke this weapon.
Gods blessed Arjuna,who had the Astravidya and was the hero of the epic Mahabharata, with the magnificent Brahmstra weapon with the following instruction:

Brahmastra was the single projectile weapon that was charged with the power of every substance of this entire universe. It was capable of destroying creation and vanquishing all beings.
It should never be used by you against people, if used upon a weak, it can burn the whole world. “

Astravidya - The Ancient Mysterious Weapons As Powerful As Nuclear Bombs

The alleged weapon is very similar to an atomic bomb. 
Astravidya and the atomic bomb are similar to such an extent that American nuclear physicist Robert Young used the description of the operation of Astravidya as the title of a book based on the history of the invention of nuclear weapons. 
“Light brighter than thousands of Suns in the darkness will be born” – the authors of “Mahabharata,” wrote about Astravidya. 
“Brighter than a Thousand Suns” is the title of a book by Robert Jung which is about how nuclear weapons were invented.

Another nuclear physicist, Robert Oppenheimer, believed that his research was a repetition of the experiments conducted by the ancient Indians who once possessed the secrets of the nuclear bomb.

One of the chapters of the Mahabharata narrates such a heavenly battle, which can be taken as a description of a nuclear war:

“… in all their magnificence, glowing columns of smoke rose and flames shone brighter than a thousand suns. Iron lightning, giant messengers of death, destroyed the entire race of Vrishni and Andhaka to ashes. The corpses were burned beyond recognition.”

Nails and hair fell out. For no apparent reason, pottery crumbled. The birds turned gray. After a few hours, all the food was unusable. The soldiers who escaped the fire threw themselves into the water to wash away the ashes.

However, the question is can the myths be trusted in this regard? 
There are many known cases when trust in myths and legends led to amazing discoveries.
So, Heinrich Schliemann discovered Troy at a site called Hisarlik because he believed in the truthfulness of every word of the Iliad.

Herodotus while describing Egypt said that the Egyptians mummified sacred animals, particularly the sacred bulls of the God Serapis, and for the burial of such mummies they built a special temple – the Serapeum. 
Only one historian. a French archaeologist Auguste Mariette, took his words seriously and believed Herodotus.
He opened the Serapeum and found the mummified bodies of sacred bulls in the temple.

But can we trust the Mahabharata as much as Schliemann and Mariette trusted their sources? 
Some researchers answer this question positively and their positive answer is supported by the mystery of the disappearance of the inhabitants of the cities of the Indus Valley.

Skeletons of people and animals were found in the ruins of cities, however, the number of skeletons found is surprisingly low and contrasts with the size of cities and suggests that the inhabitants of the city either disappeared somewhere or were killed by some unknown method, which led to the complete destruction of inhabitants of Indus valley Civilization.

The theory seemed true to some extent when traces of a giant fire were discovered in Mohenjo-Daro. 
The skeletons of some people testify that these people died without fighting the invaders. 
Death befell them at the moment when they were doing their usual business.

Surprisingly, in different places of the city, huge pieces of clay and whole layers of green glass were discovered, and they were turned into sand.
Both glass and clay, first melted and were instantly solidified under the influence of high temperatures.
Italian scientists have proven that the transformation of sand into glass is only possible at temperatures above 1500 degrees. 
Considering the advancement of technology at that time, such high temperature could only be attained through metallurgical forges, but combustion at such a high temperature in the vast territory of the city seems incredible. 
Even in our time, it is impossible to attain this high temperature without the use of combustible materials.

When archaeologists excavated the entire territory of Mohenjo-Daro, one amazing feature of the destruction was revealed. 
In the center of the residential part of the city, an area is clearly distinguished – the epicenter, in which all buildings seem to have been swept away by some kind of squall. 
From the epicenter to the fortress walls, destruction gradually decreases. 

The destruction in Mohenjo-Daro is very reminiscent of the consequences of the bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Englishman Davenport and the Italian Vincenti stated the fact that every time a nuclear explosion was tested at Nevada, caked layers of green glass appeared, and interestingly, layers of green glass were discovered in Mohenjo-Daro.

It is also believed by many researchers that a highly developed civilization existed on the territory of India, which could surpass even the modern one.
The civilization came to an end as a result of a war with another, equally developed, terrestrial or extraterrestrial civilization.
Probably a war with the civilization of the Atlanteans, or the uncontrolled use of technology, say, nuclear weapons.

Another theory suggests that the Harappan people came into contact with an alien civilization and, they used high-tech weapons that they were not ready for.
As a result of the misuse of such weapons, civilization in the Indus Valley perished.

The iconic capital of the Indus Valley is not the only example of mysterious ruins burnt by “heavenly fire”. 
Among such cities, archaeologists name several ancient cities located in different parts of the world such as the capital of the Hittite kingdom of Hattusa (Hattushas), the granite walls of the Irish fortresses of Dundalk, the American city of Sacsayhuaman, and the remains of the temple tower in Borsippa near Babylon.

Irish fortresses of Dundalk

The traces of such fires have surprised even professional historians. 
46-meters high tower in Borsippa was melted not only from outside but from the inside as well.
Erich Zeren, a specialist in the field of biblical archeology states that the heavenly fire melted hundreds of bricks, and the entire population of the tower, melted from the terrible heat into a dense mass like molten glass.


 A nuclear explosion leads to the release of a significant number of radioactive isotopes into the atmosphere. 
In the bones of people who died in a nuclear explosion, the 14C content is much higher than that of their contemporaries, who did not experience the effects of radiation.

Consequently, the 14C content that scientists found in the remains of the inhabitants of Mohenjo-Daro indicates that the Harappan civilization is much older than modern scientists assume. 
It is said that Mohenjo-Daro was built 5, 10, or even 30 thousand years earlier than the expected date.
The same applies to other cities of the Indus Valley as their inhabitants were also exposed to radiation. 
Is this possible, because Harappan imports are well known in Mesopotamia and Central Asia and date back to 3-2 thousand BC but not earlier?

If the Harappan civilization perished around 10,000 BC., it is strange why the Harappan things became known in Mesopotamia only at the end of the 3rd millennium BC.
What were the mysterious lands of Melukhha and Magan because the cities of the Indus Valley, in this case, should have been dead for almost 8000 years.

Most likely, the city was burned by the invaders or the Indians themselves burned it, because it was desecrated.
But how do you explain the incredibly high combustion temperature? 
The answer to this question is provided by the Temple Tower at Borsinns. 
The region is one of the leading exporters of oil, so it is not surprising that the tower was doused or overlaid with combustible materials inside out.

The mysterious Astravidya is a kind of phenomenal weapon of quite natural, a terrestrial origin for that time. 

Astravidya - The Ancient Mysterious Weapons As Powerful As Nuclear Bombs

Such weapons that required Astravidya could be some substitution of gunpowder or the mysterious “Greek fire”. 
It can be assumed that the Harappans knew the secrets of combustible minerals – sulfur, saltpeter, and, perhaps, phosphorus.
and in that place, which is called “the epicenter of a nuclear explosion”, in reality, there were warehouses of combustible substances.

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