Astronomers of Harvard assures that an alien ship is near us and contacted the Earth

The head of the department of astronomy of Harvard affirms that the extraterrestrial ones already have made contact with the Earth and that an alien ship can be in these moments moving by the universe. (Astronomers of Harvard)

Astronomers of Harvard

It is not about anyone, but the Head of the Department of Astronomy of the prestigious Harvard University. And it’s not about any means, either: it’s The Washington Post. Avi Loeb claims that the aliens have made contact with planet Earth.(Astronomers of Harvard)

“Before he started the whole alien spacecraft business last year, the Head of the Department of Astronomy at Harvard University was known for his public lectures on modesty.

Personal modesty, which Avi Loeb said he learned when growing up on a farm. And what Loeb calls ‘cosmic modesty’: the idea that it is arrogant to assume that we are alone in the universe, or even an especially special species, “says The Washington Post.

Loeb made public his theory that an extraterrestrial spacecraft, or at least a part of one, can be at this moment flying beyond the orbit of Jupiter.

“The main astronomer at Harvard suspects that the technology of another solar system has just appeared at our door. And this, in turn, has left some of his colleagues bewildered, grumbling about what they see as a weak theory or baffled by the reason why the main astronomer at Harvard would not shut up about the aliens, “he says. daily.

According to The Washington Post, the author of more than 700 theoretical works explained that on October 19, 2017 the Pan-STARRS telescope in Hawaii registered an unidentified object in the sky.(Astronomers of Harvard)

“It moved so fast that it could only come from somewhere outside the Solar System. It is the first visit that comes to us from outer space of which we have knowledge, “he said.

Before this, some members of the scientific community said the following thing: “It is an impressive example of sensationalist science and with spurious motivations”. This UFO (unidentified flying object) was called Oumuamua, which in Hawaiian means “explorer”.

Astronomers of Harvard

Loeb and his colleague published an article in the Astrophysical Journal in which they claimed that Oumuamua “is a luminous candle, floating in interstellar space like a rubble of advanced technological equipment”.

Loeb’s conclusion is that he believes that he moves too fast to be an inert rock and that he moves away from the Sun as if something were pushing him from behind.

According to the astronomer, Oumumua is very unusual and has characteristics that make it completely different to any comet or asteroid, such as its speed, its atypical trajectory, no degassing when approaching the Sun and the absence of a tail like that of comets. For the astronomer, it is foolish to think that “we are alone in the Universe”.

Despite their theories, the scientific community harshly attacked their statements stating that “Oumuamua is not an alien ship, and that single suggestion is an insult to honest scientific research,” astrophysicist Paul Sutter said after Loeb’s interview. However, recently Loeb said he is not interested in the opinion of others and ensures that he will not change his mind.

“Many people hoped that once there was all this publicity, I would back away. If someone shows me evidence to the contrary, I will immediately back down (…), The worst thing that can happen to me is that I get rid of my administrative tasks, and that would give me even more time to concentrate on science, “he said.(Astronomers of Harvard)

In addition, Unidentified Flying Objects were seen almost daily between the summer of 2014 and the spring of 2015 in the skies of the East Coast of the United States. And the witnesses were not dubious characters but elite pilots of the US Navy, who reported it to their commanders in the Pentagon and even to Congress.

“Those things were out there all day,” explains one of them, Ryan Graves, to The New York Times. “Keeping an airplane in the air requires a remarkable amount of energy; At the speed at which we saw them, 12 hours in the air is 11 hours more than we would expect, “Graves explained.

This F / A-18 fighter-bomber pilot, who has been in the Navy for a decade, was referring to unidentified objects in odd shapes (one looked like a pianola spinning against the wind, another looked like a touchpad the size of an airplane commercial).

Both Graves and four other pilots with whom he spoke said newspaper insists that they saw those objects during training maneuvers with the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt on the sky between Virginia and Florida. They do not provide any possible explanation.

via – The Washington post

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