Baigong Pipes

The Baigong Pipes: 150000 Years Old Advanced Iron Pipes That Could Challenge History

The origin of these 150,000 old pipes known as Baigong Pipes is yet to be determined and who built them is a mystery. What exactly are these pipes, an old research office or some kind of extraterrestrial space?
Unknown to most people, a strange pyramid with three caves leading to a saltwater lake can be found in Qinghai Province, China, next to Mount Baigong.

Iron pipes ranging in size from as small as a toothpick to as large as a football field is found under the lake bed along the shoreline. It is estimated that Baigong Pipes are approximately 150,000 years old. What is worth noticing is that the largest observed structure approximately is 50-60 meters high like protrusion and this protrusion is surrounded by pipes that lead to Lake Toson Hu, a saline lake that is almost 300 feet away. According to Chinese historians, the area wasn’t supposed to have been inhabited by humans until roughly 30,000 years ago, which makes this discovery all the more surprising.

Baigong Pipes

According to historians, the humans who were present here were nomads, making it improbable that they would have had the time to construct a plumbing system for their homes. With a 120,000-year gap in time, the question becomes “who was here laying down the iron pipe?”

Did the Aliens Built The Baigong Pipes?

While the idea of these pipelines being built by aliens is a far-fetched idea, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences is not dismissive of the possibility. According to Yang Ji, a research fellow at the University of Hong Kong, the pyramid may have been created by intelligent creatures.

“It’s worth looking into,” he said of the hypothesis that ancient extraterrestrials may have been responsible for the disaster. “Science would have to decide if there’s any truth to it,” he added.

Yang Ji

Even if we rule out the mandatory space alien theory, what are some of the more plausible alternatives? The examination into the pipes began in 2002, with some scholars suggesting that the pipes were left behind by a prehistoric civilization whose techniques were eventually lost to the humans who settled in the area after the pipes were discovered. Strangely shaped stones protrude from the earth around the pipelines that go to the region, further confounding historians’ efforts to figure out what is going on.

Baigong Pipes

Are These Structures even Pipes?

Consequently, strange rocks are emerging from the earth, and the pipes can’t be traced back to a previously known civilisation. Scientists are baffled as to what they are formed of, which adds to the strangeness of the situation.

While it is thought that the pipes are primarily made of iron, the head of publicity for the local Delingha government told reporters that the pipes were evaluated at a local smelter and that 8 percent of the material could not be determined.

The remaining material was a mixture of ferric oxide, silicon dioxide, and calcium oxide, all of which are results of a long interaction between iron and the underlying sandstone. Ferric oxide, silicon dioxide, and calcium oxide are the most common. It was discovered in 2007 that some of the pipes had also contained residues of radioactive material.

One final hypothesis is that the pipes are actually fossilized tree roots, rather than pipes at all. In Louisiana, fossilized tree roots with a similar structure have been discovered, and scientists have discovered plant stuff in some of the pipes, which has a pattern that is quite similar to tree rings.

It is a long-standing geological notion that tree roots can undergo the transformation of soil into rock under particular temperatures and chemical conditions, resulting in the production of iron formations over time.

So, are these pipes laid down by an ancient culture or are they the work of extraterrestrials? Or are they the product of iron-rich magma forcing its way up through the earth’s fissures, or are they simply fossilised tree roots that have accumulated over time? Whatever the case, the “oopart” (artefact that appears to be out of place) is unquestionably a source of consternation and consternation for traditional scientists and historians alike.

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