Beginning Of Space War I: UFOs, Russian Satellite Killers, And U.S. X-37

Is there any possibility of fighting a Space War for us humans? If yes, then who will cause it? Let us commence with the first factor which might trigger Space War-I that is Russian satellites killers. Russia’s Space Agency has destroyed an orbiting Satellite, thus endangering the ISS crew. The news has spread that the Russian military destroyed one of its own satellites using a missile on November 15th. The destruction was so vast that the debris led the crew members to seek shelter in attached space capsules.

“Russian Defense Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu confirmed the successful test of the anti-satellite system, answering journalists’ questions during a working trip to the troops of the Western Military District in the Voronezh Region. We’ve really experienced a successful forward-looking system. She “jewelry” hit the old satellite, “- said the head of the military department. Sergei Shoigu added that the resulting fragments do not pose any threat to space activities.”

Space War I

The Russian Ministry of Defense provided some braggadocio details about the incident after ROSCOSMOS issued a “no harm, no foul” tweet about the ISS crew evacuation in response to NASA and the US Defense Department issuing strong rebukes, pointing out that the non-operational spacecraft was a Celina-D (Tselina-D) that had been in orbit since 1982, not a Kosmos-1408 as other media sites had reported. Then it accused the United States of initiating the test.

“The United States established a space command in 2020 and officially adopted a new space strategy. One of its main goals is ‘to create a comprehensive military advantage in space’. “With that in mind, the Defense Ministry is carrying out planned activities to strengthen the defense capabilities that exclude the possibility of sudden damage to the country’s security in the space sphere and on the ground at the hands of existing and prospective foreign space technologies.”

The next contributing factor could be U.S. Air Force X-37. The US has been making improvements to its secret Air Force X-37 unmanned spacecraft, according to the MoD. The satellite was destroyed by a Russian S-550 anti-aircraft missile system meant to counter intercontinental ballistic missiles, according to the English edition of Pravda, and China’s Sohu website mentioned another target:

“The Chinese website referred to the X-37B orbital fighter, which will be an easy target for the S-550. The anti-missile defense performance of the S-550 will be significantly higher than that of its predecessors, even in comparison with the similar US system Aegis armed with SM-3Block llB missiles.”

Under the command of the United States, there are certain experiments concerned with the X-37 Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV) which are being kept as secret. Does it mean that the Russian MoD is aware of something which is unknown to the American Public? The last factor that could lead to Space War I are the known and unknown flying objects.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand pushed a bipartisan amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to create an “Anomaly Surveillance and Resolution Office” with authority to pursue “any resource, capability, asset, or process of the Department and the intelligence community” to study 
unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) to the forefront in her first interview about it.

Space War I

“If it is technology possessed by adversaries or any other entity, we need to know. Burying our heads in the sand is neither a strategy nor an acceptable approach.”

“You’re talking about drone technology, you’re talking about balloon technology, you’re talking about other aerial phenomena, and then you’re talking about the unknown. Regardless of where you fall on the question of the unknown, you have to answer the rest of the questions. That’s why this is urgent. That’s why having no oversight or accountability up until now to me is unacceptable.”

Gillibrand and her bipartisan supporters are extremely concerned about the origin of the UFOs, whether they belong to Earth or to some other world. The absence of legislative and public scrutiny of these aerial sightings is alarming. However, the problem which deserves more of our attention is that why everything came to a non-harmonic climax this week. Is Russia bracing for more US space aggression or vice versa? Is it a sign of ineptitude or seriousness that Russia put its own civilians in danger? Is the fact that it specifically cites the X-37 an indication that it understands what the spaceplane’s true mission is? Are UAPs causing worry among Gillibrand and her colleagues because they believe they are Russian or Chinese crafts? Are they sowing the seeds of attack under the pretext of being alien aggressors?

In space, something militaristic is taking place… and it appears to be getting worse. What comes next?

Source: Mysterious Universe

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