Beyond Neptune discovered a new planet in the solar system!!


(planet)Astronomers report a surprising discovery – of Neptune, discovered the ninth planet of the solar system. According to The Guardian, citing published on July 11 message of the International Astronomical Union, currently referred to as a dwarf planet in 2015 RR245, but as soon as she will choose a more harmonious name, it Nibiru. (planet)

(planet)For the first time this ball of ice and rock was discovered in September last year with the help located in the observatory in Hawaii OSSOS telescope. Scientists call it the most separate planet from the Sun – 2015 RR245 is nearly 120 times farther from the star than we are. (planet)

“(planet)It was really remarkable to note how bright was the object is much brighter than all the objects (dwarf planets – Ed.). We find the usual,” – quoted by The Guardian Michelle Bannister, an astronomer from the University of Victoria Canada. (planet)

It is worth noting that the future of this planet rather vague – to speak with confidence about him is possible only after a few years of careful observation, when there is clearly defined by its trajectory. Only then it would be appropriate to raise the issue of its name, which, most likely, will traditionally associated with ancient Greek or Roman mythology. (planet)

While it is known that the trajectory of the orbit in 2015 RR245 has an elliptical shape, and the maximum distance at which it is approaching the Sun – is 5 billion kilometers.. Ring Around the world it makes every 700 Earth years. (planet)

It is worth noting that today Astronomical Union declared five dwarf planets in the solar system: it Ceres, Haumea, Makemake, Eris, and once considered a full-fledged planet Pluto(planet)

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