Department of Parks officials post evidence of Bigfoot in Texas

Since the 15th century, and possibly before, there have been stories about huge, hairy, naked, and tremendously strong creatures living in the darkest corners of the Caucasus, between Eastern Europe and Western Asia, called “Souls . On the other side of the Eurasian steppe, in the Himalayas, we find another similar creature, the Yeti or abominable snowman (Jigou for the Tibetans). Almost 10,000 miles away, Florida’s so-called big foot is hidden among the Florida marshes. Australia has the Yowie; In Indonesia, the Ebu gogo, which means “Grandma Glutton” . And, of course, in the Pacific Northwest forests is the most popular primate of all: the Sasquatch.(evidence of Bigfoot in Texas)

It is true that most primatologists do not take into account the existence of a great unknown ape in North America. However, many people are convinced of its existence, including the world’s most famous primatologist Jane Goodall , the famous scientist and naturist Sir David Attenborough(evidence of Bigfoot in Texas)

or actress Megan Fox .

And just in case anyone still has any doubts, now the Parks and Recreation Department of Round Rock, Texas, has posted some amazing photos on their Facebook page that show huge non-human footprints.

The Bigfoot in Texas

“Our park rangers have found strange footprints in various parks and trails in the area. If you find this, or other unexplained phenomena, send them to the Facebook page of the Parks and Recreation Department of Round Rock, or @roundrockpard on Twitter and Instagram. #RRSightings “(evidence of Bigfoot in Texas)

With this message posted on Facebook on June 11, the Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department published three mysterious black-and-white photographs that showed huge traces of what appeared to be a Bigfoot, provoking all kinds of comments on social networks.

evidence of Bigfoot in Texas


A few days later, the same department published images of strange hair in the trees . The Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department listed the date and location from which the photographs were taken. The well-defined footprint was taken on June 10 in Freeman Park, a 16-hectare area. The second corresponded to Old Settlers Park, an area of ​​260 hectares, which includes a lake and sports facilities.(evidence of Bigfoot in Texas)

The photo with a guard’s boot comparing the size corresponds to Brushy Creek East Trail. The pictures showing the strange hair were taken at Rabb Park. All these evidences seem to show that a mysterious and enormous creature is wandering round the parks of Round Rock . In fact, skeptics say Bigfoot can be a park worker trying to attract visitors.

However, the American newspaper Houston Chronicle decided to investigate the case and interviewed some of the best experts on creatures. Russell Miller, of the organization “Southeast Texas Bigfoot” said that the footprints were not real, mainly because they are too narrow in the instep.

“I’m leaning toward it’s not real, at least in the picture above ,” Miller said. “Too tight on the instep.”

evidence of Bigfoot in Texas


While Round Rock’s parks are really quiet, Miller believes the Bigfoot prefers the dense forests east of Texas. Another of the questions asked is why no one has decided to take those hair samples for further DNA analysis.

Do you think the Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department has published evidence of Bigfoot’s existence? Or maybe it’s a hoax to attract visitors?

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