The Ukumar: Argentine Farmer’s Mysterious Encounter With A Yeti-like Creature

In the northwest of Argentina, residents speak of a creature known as the Ukumar Zupai, or simply the Ukumar. Often described as a large bear with a human face, this creature is Argentina’s version of the Yeti.

In 2022, a former boxer turned farmer named Pacheco, aged 52, came forward with his encounter with the Ukumar. His story was published in El Cronica, a major newspaper, and quickly went viral.

“I saw Ukumar and couldn’t sleep anymore,” Pacheco complained.

The Ukumar: Argentina’s Mysterious Yeti-like Creature

“When I saw him, I vomited and my blood pressure shot up.”

Farmer Pacheco Who Encountered An Ukumar
Farmer Pacheco Who Encountered An Ukumar

The body’s reaction to Pacheco’s encounter with an unusual creature could be attributed to natural fear, but there are also claims suggesting that the yeti intentionally induces waves of horror through infrasonic screams. Quite the spooky reputation!

In Argentina, the province of La Salta is a hotspot for yeti sightings. Prior to Pacheco’s experience in 2001, there was another incident involving hunter Rogelio Martinez, who came face to face with a creature known as Ukumar. This encounter became quite popular in the region.

Martinez, just like Pacheco, had a typical reaction—he was terrified! In his apprehension, he even speculated that the earth’s patroness, Pachamama, sought to punish him for his frequent bird and animal hunting escapades. Talk about a wild explanation!

Interestingly, La Salta has recorded a total of 33 instances in its history where people have reported seeing a hairy humanoid creature. That’s quite a number of encounters!

Rumors also circulate that Ukumar possesses a “strong sex drive” which makes him particularly aggressive towards women, especially the young ones. This aspect adds an extra layer of concern. It’s possible that some victims may have been too afraid to report their encounters with Ukumar to the authorities, leading to an underestimation of the actual number of incidents in the region.

Pacheco himself spotted Ukumar on the eerie night of April 12, 2022. The shock of the encounter left him sleepless for several nights and barely able to eat. Each evening, he meticulously locked his doors, fearing the creature might barge in uninvited.

So, keep your eyes peeled and your doors securely locked if you find yourself in the La Salta region. You never know when the mischievous Ukumar might pay a visit!

“He was about 180 cm tall, very stocky, very hairy and had red eyes.”

On his humble farm, where Pacheco tends to his chickens and nurtures his cornfields, an extraordinary event unfolded. The sun had long bid farewell to the sky, and darkness draped the land when a faint disturbance reached his ears, prompting him to investigate.

Initially, Pacheco suspected a crafty thief or a mischievous local critter attempting to invade his territory. However, his canine companions sensed an imminent danger, whimpering in fear as they swiftly retreated, their tails tucked between their legs. This sudden reaction jolted the man into high alert.

Then, as if emerging from the shadows themselves, Pacheco’s eyes fixated on “something” merely twenty-five meters away. A towering figure, shrouded in a dense coat of hair, stood tall and resolute. Its intense, fiery gaze pierced through the night, locking onto Pacheco’s bewildered expression. With an unhurried motion, the enigmatic creature traversed the path before vanishing seamlessly into the impenetrable thickets.

The air crackled with mystery and awe, leaving Pacheco pondering the existence of this otherworldly being that had momentarily graced his farm. The red eyes and the creature’s enigmatic presence seared an indelible image in his mind, forever altering his perception of the ordinary world that lay just beyond his doorstep.

Depiction Of Ukumar

Pacheco swears he didn’t imagine it.

“Ukumar exists. I heard stories about him and I didn’t believe in him, but that day I saw him with my own eyes. Many thoughts swirled in my head. I ran into the house, locked the doors, and I was scared.”

Due to the relentless grip of fear, Pacheco reached a point where spending a night in the farmhouse became an insurmountable challenge. As the sun set, he found himself compelled to seek refuge in the welcoming embrace of Metan, the nearest city, where he sought solace among his caring relatives.

Acknowledging the profound impact of his encounter with Ukumar, Pacheco made a pivotal decision to seek professional help and embark on a journey of healing. With a visit to the hospital, he expressed his intention to consult a psychologist, recognizing the powerful toll that the emergence of multiple disorders has taken on his life since that fateful meeting.

The persistent fear continued to cast its long shadow, disrupting Pacheco’s daily existence. Determined to regain a sense of tranquility, he turned to the expertise and support of a compassionate psychologist. Through their guidance and the loving presence of his relatives, Pacheco aspired to navigate the labyrinth of his fears and reclaim a life free from the shackles of anxiety.

In Metan, Pacheco sought sanctuary, both in the comforting arms of his family and within the professional realm of psychological counseling. Armed with a renewed resolve, he embarked on a quest for inner peace, yearning to break free from the suffocating grasp of his afflictions and embrace a brighter, more tranquil future.

When people come to my house, I don’t want to be disturbed. I feel bad even if my friends come and I don’t want to play football. I just want to be at peace.

In the Quechua language, the term “Ukumar” translates to “bear,” which interestingly overlaps with the region where Andean bears and Ukumar sightings converge. However, the indigenous people draw a clear distinction between the two, regarding the mythical creature as a formidable werebear.

It’s worth noting that the Andean, or spectacled bear, is significantly smaller than its brown bear counterpart, measuring an average length of 150 cm. In stark contrast, accounts of Ukumar consistently describe its towering height, often estimated to be around 2-2.5 meters. Quite a remarkable disparity, isn’t it?

Perhaps fear truly does possess the ability to magnify one’s perception, casting an eerie glow upon even the most ordinary of creatures.

Following Pacheco’s compelling statements, a team of investigators from the esteemed National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) descended upon his farm, determined to shed light on the mysterious events that had unfolded. With meticulous scrutiny, they meticulously combed through the premises, their keen eyes trained to uncover any shred of evidence.

Ukumar Depiction
Andean Bear
Andean Bear

Their efforts bore fruit as they stumbled upon a peculiar discovery—a patch of enigmatic black hair entangled within the wire fence. Seizing this potential clue, they promptly transported the sample to the laboratory for further analysis and evaluation. After a series of rigorous tests, the verdict was delivered: the hair belonged to none other than the Andean bear.

However, Pacheco, resolute in his conviction, remained unconvinced by their assessment. He steadfastly maintained that the encounter transcended the realm of the ordinary, firmly asserting that the creature he had encountered was anything but a bear. A clash of perspectives emerged, leaving the true nature of the elusive being shrouded in uncertainty, its identity an enigma yet to be unraveled.

I know well what a bear is, and I know what an ukumar is,” he claims, assuring that there was no lie in his words.

In the enigmatic tale of Pacheco’s encounter with Ukumar, the line between reality and myth blurs, leaving us captivated by the lingering mysteries that reside within the La Salta region. As the sun sets on this perplexing saga, we are left pondering the existence of otherworldly creatures and the enduring power of fear.

Whether Ukumar truly exists as a werebear or if it is a figment of collective imagination, the tale serves as a reminder of the profound impact that inexplicable encounters can have on our lives. As time marches on, the legend of Ukumar continues to whisper through the winds, inviting curious souls to seek answers and unravel the truth behind the elusive creature that haunts the shadows of La Salta.

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